7 Reasons Businesses Should Use a BI tool like Tableau

7 Reasons Businesses Should Use a BI tool like Tableau

  • 04th Aug, 2017

Tableau has got a list of happy customers. Still, there are a lot of people who are not aware about this Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Do you count yourself in the same list? If yes, let us share few reasons why you should opt software like Tableau.

Aids you to view and comprehend the data
“We help people see and understand their data.” – the mission statement of Tableau. This product analyzes data faster and represents it in an attractive way. Be it business users or traditional groups that do not use BI tools quite often, people from various industries are showing interest in using Tableau.

Tableau analyzes the data, which means that you do not require assistance anymore from the IT department. The best part is that you can access data from any level across organizations. It brings transparency when you have to take decisions based on facts.

Flexible enough fulfilling wants of different organizations
For individual users, there is Tableau Desktop version. This version is designed for individual use and can run only from a desktop computer. You can create data visualizations, publish workbooks and other data sources to Tableau server. Tableau comes with many options fulfilling the requirements of various types of organizations.

Tableau has a solution tailored for enterprises. The enterprise solution provides additional features that support collaboration as enterprise employees rarely work in isolation as well as control security parameters so that only those who have relevant access are able to view the data visualizations. The best part is that it supports mobility allowing users to access it on their browsers be it desktop or mobile. Apps are available based on the mobile device type. For example, there are separate versions for iPhone and Android based mobile phones.

You can even use Tableau Online to take advantage of online server solutions. If you use this version, you do not need the IT support.

Create visual dashboards that are easy to use
The main features of Tableau include, create dashboards and reports, self-service Business Intelligence, etc.

Tableau has a reputation for providing products that are easy to use. This product comes with unique features, such as data visualizations and self-service analytics.

It doesn’t leave you alone
There is a thriving Tableau Community and Tableau bloggers that will always give you company when in need. Also, do not forget free online trainings.

You can even join Affecto events, where you get a chance to hear about experiences of other Tableau business users.

No need for coding
Technically, there is no need for coding in Tableau. It enables you to drag and drop almost all the functionalities. With a click of mouse, you can use in-built table calculations for any kind of complex analysis.

Furthermore, it can easily be integrated with programming languages like R or Python.

Connect to different data sources
You can easily use Tableau with more than forty different sources. For example,
• File system (Excel, CSV, etc.)
• Cloud-based system (Google analytics, etc.)
• Relational database system (Teradata, SQL server, DB2, etc.)
The main advantage is that it comes with in-built data connectors, which are free to use. This means that you do not need to pay any licensing fees for all these in-built connectors.

Connect to databases
Using Tableau, you can easily improve the performance of queries. With this product, you can connect to multiple tables or you have the facility to use customized SQL. It also allows you to share these connections with others. There are features like changing data types, join, concatenation, split, etc. Also, you create sets, bins, groups, etc. This proves that there is no need to invest on a separate ETL solution.

After going through the above-mentioned list, you must be quite eager to try out Tableau! If you are still confused, you can get a free 14 days trial version of Tableau. Simply, download it and start your journey.

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