Agility, Transparency and Precision - Key Benefits to Have SAP B1 in Your Manufacturing Unit

Agility, Transparency and Precision: Key Benefits to Have SAP B1 in Your Manufacturing Unit

  • 30th Aug, 2017

The past few years have seen unprecedented levels of technology investment in manufacturing business as some early technology adopters have observed tangible business results with their digital initiatives. So, the time is now to embrace digital innovation and stay ahead of the competition. So, when we say digitally sound, what we actually mean by? It means we stand ready to meet the future business challenges and mitigate the ongoing pain points of a business.

In this regard, SAP Business One may be the software that your business needs to address all your business challenges and keep costs under control and drive profit. But before we begin, let’s talk about some of the challenges that a manufacturing industry might confront on a daily basis. Being able to meet the constantly changing demands of customers, manage regulatory compliances, plan and stock inventory, balance supply with increasingly volatile demand and most  importantly, ensuring consistent product quality are some of the major challenges faced by a manufacturing business.

Drive Profits and Stay On-Time and On-Schedule with SAP Business One

Control total manufacturing cost

With one source of accurate and actionable information, ERP software reduces administrative and operations costs. It allows manufacturers to make better decisions with greater visibility and collaboration, proactively manage operations, prevent disruptions and stock delays, balance supply and demand and help manage resources and calculate costs at average, overhead costs, both fixed and variable.

Real-time insight empowers manufacturers

Getting detailed insight into your business can be really helpful to make strategic business decisions. Want better insight into customers’ quirks and tendencies? Eager to uncover which inventory is running out-of-stock? Which particular stock is going perishable? Which product is most profitable? Which supplier is creating unnecessary delays? How much cash you’ve invested in inventory excess and how much could you invest to grow your business? With all these answers in hands, your business can make wise strategic decisions. When you know more, you can strategize ways to maximize customers satisfaction and sustain business growth.

Advanced planning and scheduling

As a manufacturer, it’s easy to view order times, order and stock-related production, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations, all relevant information about raw materials, batch groups and availability of resources with SAP Business One. As a result, you will spend less time on non-essential tasks, make more strategically sound and informed decisions, all while growing your business at the pace you’ve always wanted.

Higher customer satisfaction

With advanced quality controls, you can ensure that your customers are getting high quality products they can expect from your business. With SAP Business One by your side, you can respond faster to rising customer demands and have a closer look at the key metrics such as purchasing, production, market demand and shipping.

Manufacturing businesses face many challenges and the pressure won’t be relenting any time soon. SAP Business One can help businesses unlock the secret to meeting these challenges and staying ahead of the curve. With powerful solutions to drive their operations, manufacturers can deliver a connected employee experience, keep costs under control, reduce pre-production time, adapt quickly to changes and drive profit.

We can help your business leverage the best of technology to meet your key business challenges. To find out more about how you can streamline your manufacturing business with SAP Business One, contact one of our consultants.

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