An ERP technology transformation for dairy Industry

  • 15th Feb, 2017

Milk! Who doesn’t consume it in one form or the other? Be it in its natural form, or a processed form as butter, cheese, etc. Unfortunately, milk is a highly perishable animal produce! The efficiency and pace of its procurement and distribution process is of supreme importance!

Manufacturers with high turnover are looking for a standard solution to supervise their business more efficiently. It is a big challenge for them to manage milk’s quality control at different levels of processing, calculating rates based on its quality and quantity, handling order processing, and tracking activities from procurement to delivery. They are seeking solutions that can connect all the stages and integrate with their existing set-up.

Provide systematic procurement, smart distribution, and better control

Milk procurement is a complex process, which requires immediate execution on regular basis. Therefore, an ERP technology should be able to:

  • Look for a route-based procurement plan
  • Search procurement on a real-time basis
  • Look for the required logistics and manage the time schedule for procurement
  • Make multiple purchases at the same time from multiple suppliers
  • Track the quality of the milk procured

Uneecops provides a solution that takes care of accurate supply chain management, from procurement of raw milk to delivery of products to customers.

Plan better using milk distribution process

There should be a defined process to distribute milk and milk related products to retail outlets as well as end-customers.

  • Define specified times to sell milk
  • Pricing based on quality attributes of the product
  • Handle product shelf-life efficiently
  • Expiry-based lot system
  • Returning of spoilt milk

Uneecops provides a consultation on how to simplify complicated calculations, such as incentives calculation to suppliers/farmers and milk gain/loss during transportation.

Getting a firmer grip on your finances

Milk and milk products are highly perishable. Therefore, it is very critical that the supply chain (internal as well as external) is highly responsive.

It is important that you have the full control of your finances and avail the following features.

  • An integrated view of the financials
  • Enables bulk shipment across customers and dispatch routes
  • Complete stock position, along with the quality of the stock, lot-wise

Uneecops provides you services to handle the financial integration module, invoices, bills and other banking details effortlessly.


Uneecops powered SAP Business One solutions have provided the dairy companies in achieving good and positive results. The solution has helped in making processes transparent and proficient helping businesses make their supply chain flawless. Standardizing all complicated processes helped in reducing operation time almost by 80 percent. Auto generation of milk purchase bills has reduced the time spent by the purchasing account time. And the last but not the least, generating profit or loss report using the SAP system have helped in identifying gaps, such as at the time of transportation. This will help in avoiding financial losses and maintaining milk quality.

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