Control your inventory tightly with these functionalities of SAP Business One

Control your inventory tightly with these functionalities of SAP Business One!

  • 12th May, 2017

If you have plethora of inventory items to track, it is more likely that you lose sight of inventory as well as cash flow. When you grow business, you might face challenges, such as managing sales order processing and fulfillment for high volumes of quick-inventory. And, it becomes difficult to handle these transactions in spreadsheets and other manual ways.

When you have so many activities, then it is ideal to go for an Enterprise Resource (ERP) solution that can help you to gain greater control and insight over inventory. The best part would be that you are able to tailor this tool as per your requirements.

It is very important to have precise and accurate inventory records that can help you maintain the right items and in the right quantities. And when you have to deal with all these things, then taking physical counts and updating spreadsheets manually is an efficient way to use your time. Handling all these transactions manually can bring many hurdles, such as stock outs leading to backorders or overstocking that can eat up cash flow.

So, can you use improve inventory management and customer service using SAP Business One. Let’s see what are the necessary steps you should take to overcome all hurdles and grow in your business.

  • SAP B1 can help you gain control and insight over inventory. It provides an integrated solution that efficiently manages the supply chain and inventory operations besides financial processes, manufacturing and distribution activities, and other core business processes.
  • SAP B1 is also useful for larger enterprises having multiple warehouses and distribution centers. The tool allows you tracking items electronically when they come and go out of the warehouse. You can easily maintain inventory records location-wise and that too real time. Isn’t it amazing!
  • SAP B1 provides you visibility about your inventory and allows you to shift inventory between one warehouse to another without purchasing more inventory when you already have those items sitting on the shelves.
  • You can easily streamline all your sales order and can help your procurement team in identifying the popular inventory and the ones that are trending obsolete. This will help you to fulfill all orders on time and keep your customers happy forever.


If you have SAP B1, then there is no need to worry whether you have single or multiple items to manage, either from one warehouse or several. Try to replace inefficient processes with a latest business management tools like SAP B1. Don’t let inventory control you; instead, control it with SAP B1 and grow your business to the new heights!

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