ERP takes on an important role in managing food supply chains

ERP takes on an important role in managing food supply chains!

  • 10th May, 2017

Food supply chain includes all these tasks – producing, processing, packing, distributing, transporting, and retailing. The stakeholders involved in all these activities need information at hand relevant to their sphere of work so that they can perform their tasks in an optimum manner. Organizations that approach these needs in a piecemeal manner by providing different, disparate systems to the various departments struggle to take advantage of their investments into higher productivity via software. These problems become more apparent when it becomes a hindrance for organizations that are striving to grow their business. Your organization can avoid getting into such a quagmire by adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that manages data in a centralized manner while providing specialized features to manage activities related to food supply chain management as well as activities such as planning, cost analysis, marketing, sales, accounting, etc.

Being a powerful management tool, ERP can help the food supply chains in many ways. Let us see what all ERP has to offer to this segment.

ERP offerings

  • An ERP can bring transparency in the business among all the processes and you will get a full visibility of all the work involved.
  • Each and every company has its own data for data management and analysis. A good ERP system provides customized solutions and unique processes helping them to achieve the desired results.
  • The food supply chain players organize their company’s data for various factors, such as new government regulations, some specific requirement from the customer, new opportunities, investor information requests, etc. The ERP solution can help them in arranging data in a well-defined way.
  • Other factors, such as unit of measure, items with different weight, pricing and costing models, packing needs, etc. can be easily taken care of through a good ERP solution.
  • With ERP solution, you can get an integrated and real-time solution with greater efficiency and visibility into supply chain, product and distribution operations.
  • You can get real-time data that alerts you in case of any emergency and allows you to make smart decisions using updated information. This information is accessible to employees, partners, as well as customers for purposes like placing an order, checking an account, running a report or analyzing data.


Many companies have started implementing an ERP solution and are benefitting from it. These companies have realized that ERP comes with a complete package of forward or backward traceability of stocks. You can be relaxed because in the event of a recall, you can respond quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an ERP solution that can fulfill all your business needs!

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