How Using A Single System Helps A Growing Businesses

How Using A Single System Helps A Growing Businesses?

  • 17th Apr, 2017

Is it possible to get one single tool that can manage all your business? Can that tool cover all the core business operations, giving you full vision so that you can confidently make business decision?

Administration, financials, operations, customer relationship management… Think of any department and an ERP solution should be able to handle all its operations smoothly! The solution should be designed to help businesses of all sizes. It should make your life easier by handling your business and supporting visibility, efficiency, and decision-making.

What are the challenges you might face to grow a business without single system?

Because of different set of systems for different departments, it gets difficult to grow your business when you are not communicating with each other. You face the following challenges to grow your business.

  • Departments using their own systems and it is difficult for all systems to interact with each other
  • With so many systems working at so many places, it becomes difficult to track business processes
  • There are chances of getting inaccurate data because of different ways of collecting it
  • There are also chances of getting redundant data
  • There is a possibility that one department has not granted access rights to the other department and fetching data in need is impossible
  • Cost of software maintenance and integration is high

How a single system can help growing a business?

You should select an ERP solution like SAP Business One over disparate systems being used by each department. It is believed that a single system provides accuracy, data is easily available, and it is easy to collaborate with all departments.

Other benefits are:

  • You get real-time visibility of all the processes
  • You can standardize all back-office processes
  • You can share consistent data with your clients, resellers, and regulatory body
  • There is going to be reduction in the operation costs
  • You will be able to forecast and plan for demand

What are the characteristics of a good single system?

A growing business will seek the following features in a single system.

  • Stakeholders can access and customize reports as per the need of the department
  • Using ERP tools like SAP B1, you are more likely to have mobile access to the data
  • Makes your life easy by getting automatic notifications


Adopt a single system to manage your business and simplify your life at work! If you are using an ERP solution (like SAP B1), then you bring visibility to your business, make it more efficient, and can take decisions that are best for the growth of the business.

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