Improve Decision Making and Respond to New Business Requirements With BI

Improve Decision Making and Respond to New Business Requirements With BI

  • 31st Aug, 2017

For your data to create an impact, the insight-to-decision process must be agile and fast.  Your organization is dealing with big data reservoir and there must be a tool to harness the power of data. But traditional approaches to business intelligence are inflexible, slow and in legacy mode. You need an approach to BI that is future-ready, robust and can scale as per your evolving future requirements. This blog provides an overview as how BI can uncover relevant business insights by connecting all your data sources with one powerful platform. Along with this, it highlights why considering an advanced BI must be the best bet for your organization.

Easy and Quick to Install, Maintain and Upgrade

Does your BI solution require months to deploy or change? Modern BI tools are advanced and equipped to be installed quickly as compared to the traditional BI systems. Modern BI solutions are easy to understand and empower business teams to gain real time results with simple and visual dashboards and reports. Further, you don’t require a specialized team to generate reports. Instead, they let you create your own dashboard hassle-free, freeing your time to work on strategic projects.

User-Friendly and Easy-To-Use Interfaces

Does your BI solution demands weeks of training? Does it have an intuitive user interface and is easy to understand? Is sharing insights to other departments is easy and swift? The aim of the modern BI tools is to ease the tasks of business users and make new-user onboarding both simple and fast.

Reveal Insights in Raw Data

Does your software enable users to perform basic analytical tasks such as filtering views, adjusting parameters, and create ad-hoc analysis? Can your sales team explore underlying sales data and figures in seconds, without the need for advanced database knowledge? Modern solutions help you gain a 360 degree view of your business without any speciality files or plugins. With modern BI, it’s easy to filter, sort, discuss and update data on the fly. You can modify and gain an access to dashboards immediately with a click of button. Even sharing is made simple when you are working with a robust, flexible and enterprise-ready BI.

Highly Customizable and Scalable

Are you looking for a scalable and customizable solution that can accommodate your organization’s specific needs? You can rely on next-generation BI software that allow you to start small and grow extensive at your own pace. Whether today’s need is a single license achieving immediate results, to an entire organization sharing dashboards, the modern BI solution supports all stages of organization needs.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobility is integral to the modern approach of BI. Optimized for mobile, the modern BI offers the ability to view, interact, and share analytics regardless of device. The result is actionable intelligence that is woven into work culture: executive meetings, boardroom meetings, events, conferences, hallway conversations and discussions with customers and partners.

Organizations expect more from business intelligence as they are anticipating more benefits out of it.  Regardless of industry and size, organizations are embracing a culture of analytics and taking a modern modern approach to business intelligence. So, when considering a BI solution, remember to evaluate seven key areas of impact such as speed, scalability, mobility, real-time collaboration and visual data discovery.

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