Manufacturing Unit - Preparing for a Digital Future With SAP Business One 1

Manufacturing Unit: Preparing for a Digital Future With SAP Business One

  • 06th Oct, 2017

Manufacturing companies are driven by business pressure, market trends and new technologies. Customers are not only demanding highly customized and high-quality products at affordable prices but they want those products delivered at their choice of time and place. This is driving manufacturers to keep pace with changing business dynamics at the “drop of a hat”. These challenges are even compounded by global manufacturers who have multiple plants and warehouses at different locations.

Without an agile manufacturing process, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet the expectations of today’s customer. To address these challenges, SAP Business One plays a promising role in dealing with the hurdles involved in a manufacturing unit.  SAP Business One enables manufacturing units to embed intelligence in their operational processes with one source of live information. As a next-generation ERP, SAP B1 is specifically designed to help manufacturing units accomplish their strategic objectives.

But, before we discuss a little more about SAP B1, let’s give a quick overview of some of the typical pain points and strategic requirements that a manufacturing industry usually possess.

  • To manage entire information in production plans and keep constant checks for incoming goods and internal production
  • To view order times, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations, all bills of materials, batch groups and availability of resources
  • To meet the unique needs of individual customers and highly variable demands with regional and localized requirements
  • To automatically track materials and operations/processes sent to job-workers
  • To provide contextual information for root cause analysis and decision support
  • To enhance inventory management through advanced warehouse and bin location tracking.
  • To stay on top of all projects with real-time, cross functional reporting including manufacturing and logistics management, cost accounting, finance, controlling and more.
  • To reduce overall manufacturing costs

Reshaping the Manufacturing Landscape

In a market characterized by globalization, fierce competition and innovation, SAP Business One empowers manufacturing companies accelerate planning, execution, prediction  at the highest level of granularity.  SAP Business One helps manufacturers tackle complex business challenges with robust solutions, created specifically for the industry. With SAP B1, manufacturers are able to innovate and act faster to variable market demands, predict operational issues, drive optimal production efficiency and streamline manufacturing processes with one single source of information.

Drive performance improvements with SAP Business One

By using SAP Business One manufacturers can easily manage multiple aspects of their operations– from weekdays based operation management, automatic BMR generation, weekdays based operation management to delivering quotations and proposals, and submitting invoices. As SAP B1 can manage all these aspects, the administrative burdens are substantially reduced.

Next steps…

If you are looking to find a new SAP Business One partner but are unsure that the partner you are considering have the right expertise and experience required to provide the service levels you need, Uneecops as a gold partner of SAP Business One offers in-depth, advisory meetings can help you explore the most suitable option available for your manufacturing unit.

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