Move on to next generation ERP system for your food & beverage businesses

Move on to next generation ERP system for your food & beverage businesses!

  • 19th May, 2017

Food and beverage industry is a hot business that requires more attention towards perishable items, their quality, as well as safety standards. This industry needs a centralized system to help understand all the processes at a deeper level, provide timely alerts, and provide spontaneous solutions to keep the business flourishing.

Certain food and beverage businesses are in search for a solution that can blend up with their existing infrastructure and provide solutions to existing issues in the business. If these requirements are combined with the obstinate challenges, such as standardization, accounting, and quality control, then it can become a very big problem that requires immediate attention and a full-fledge solution.

How to tackle these issues?

Well, you should opt for an ERP solution that can help you meet all the above-mentioned challenges. The only condition is that this ERP solution should have the following features.

  • It should be able to handle issues including warehouse, which is considered as the major challenge in the field of inventory management where eateries of any form are involved.
  • The ERP solution should be able to keep track of important reporting, such as reports to calculate cost. This report helps in calculating various parameters, like units consumed when there was electricity or units consumed when alternate power sources like backup generators are running.
  • There should be an intelligent alert system (like instant text messaging) to generate alerts on pre-defined events in the system, such as out of stock, overstock, payment not received, order not delivered, etc.
  • Cost control is the most important factor for any business and it should be streamlined to protect margins. Therefore, an ERP implementation should be able to track ROI metrics to reduce operational costs, improve utilization of resources, reduce wastes, etc.

How the industry can benefit?

  • ERP can help improving the Quality Control management. The quality standard has a pre-defined feature – auto deduction that helps this industry.
  • ERP enables you with the improved stack and crate management. It is a best way to help your clients minimizing losses and improving product and delivery methods.
  • Another benefit is managing fuel consumption. It helps the industry in improving their revenues and minimizes wastage of critical resources.
  • There is one more parameter – discount management and production status management. An ERP solution helps food and beverage industry delivering stronger competitive statement without comprising their profit margins.


It is important for you to go for an ERP solution that is capable of handling different processes, machines, shapes as well as sizes of production. It should be well equipped with industry-specific functionalities, such as dashboards and tickets allowing you to bring transparency within the business by sharing the exact state of the business at any given time.

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Smita Kale
Smita Kale
1 year 2 months ago

ERP System makes the task easier to manage. Thanks for the blog.