Power Your Oil & Gas Business with SAP Business One

Power Your Oil & Gas Business with SAP Business One

  • 24th Apr, 2017

Oil and gas business is always a demanding sector where cost is a very critical factor. Price fluctuations can impact not only the company, but entire economies. In addition, the oil and gas business involves a lot of import, export and distribution processes.

That’s where ‘SAP Business One steps’ in! Apart from digitalizing the company’s processes, it also, provides an integrated system and helps reduce cumbersome processes as well as help decision-making better by providing real time information.

Key capabilities and benefits that Oil & Gas companies can expect from a SAP Business One solution

  • Project and Capacity Planning

Track and manage your project on the basis of up-to-date information from an integrated system including capacity planning, job costing, budget management, etc. Track people, materials and activities with finite precision. Seamlessly connect departments / people (procurement, sub-contractors, engineering, delivery, etc.) and get results faster. Plan projects at department and even at company level.

  • Cost and Budget Management

Track project margins, planned vs actuals and resources. Track and control losses.

  • Time Registration

Get direct and indirect hours, real time. Information can be taken from mobile devices as well as via browser based applications.

  • Invoicing

Trigger automated sales process based on a customer order. Online approvals based on credit terms, exposure and limits. Invoicing mode flexibility. Use milestone, progress or periodic options. Information is linked back to the project to provide live updates. Print loading orders, invoices at depots as well as see them for tracking purpose in the system.


SAP Business One is not only beneficial for Oil and Gas industry, it is key to achieving success in an industry where price fluctuation is fickle and costs can suddenly spiral out of control. It not only provides an integrated system to be used across departments, it provides real-time and transparent information on revenues, costs, profit-loss margins etc. All of this is key in this industry to survive and thrive as a business.

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