Productivity Hampering Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

Productivity Hampering Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

  • 02nd Aug, 2017

Despite the fact that there is plethora of advanced technology available in the market for the manufacturing industry, there are three vital issues that might affect manufacturers. These issues are managing data, issues related to inventory, and managing gross margin.  These issues are interrelated to each other. Let us understand it with the help of an example, considering how data is used. The technique using which data is collected and analyzed will have a major impact on the decisions you make, strategies you build to handle inventory, and eventually managing an organization’s revenues.

Managing Data

Companies of any size generate a lot of data, which is crucial for the respective stakeholders who are aware of how to use it. There are many companies that are still not aware on how to execute this data for their own benefit. Now, that’s needs attention!

There are still companies using the traditional way of processing data where the data is brought into a system and then moved to the business intelligence hardware. The senior management assigns a team of experts to assess this information and finally, the numbers helps in taking decisions in terms of what needs to be changed in daily operations. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and smooth.

Inventory Issues

“Too much inventory” and “not enough inventory” are the two typical factors that always activate inventory problems. These two issues are the result of mismanagement and impact profitability.

Stocking excessive inventory not only adds warehouse costs and insurance costs, but it also becomes a focus area for the organization where a lot of time is devoted to manage this excess inventory. In case of perishable products, there are chances of deterioration also. For non-perishable products, they face issues like products getting obsolete, such as mobile phones and electronic devices.

If the volume of stocked inventory is lesser than demand, then it means orders have not been fulfilled, resulting unhappy customers.

One should not underestimate the significance of inventory volume over profitability.

Managing Gross Margin

The above-mentioned two factors, i.e., managing data and issues related to inventory issues are the main issues that impact manufacturer’s profit margins. It ultimately affects the gross margin. Gross margin is very crucial for any manufacturing operation and it plays a vital role for all the manufacturer’s operation. Gross margin impacts the amount of profits and cash flow a firm has. Gross margin itself is a component of revenue generated from sales. Basically, gross margin covers expenditure incurred during production and it is a vital element when you measure the benefit of the investments for stocking inventory.


It is important that you learn to use data as a tool that deals with operation issues more efficiently and effectively. Once you know how to play well with data, there are fewer chances of issues in inventory management. When these factors are in the right place, there is going to be a positive impact on profitability.

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