SAP Business One for Sustainable Growth in Oil and Gas Industry

SAP Business One for Sustainable Growth in Oil and Gas Industry

  • 10th Oct, 2017

The oil and gas services industry is highly complex with market volatility, rapidly changing demographics, fluctuating commodity prices and competitive landscape. In an industry experiencing an unprecedented amount of volatility and innovation, oil and gas businesses must re-imagine themselves so that they can forecast better, react to customer demands and manage their data and business processes. Some leading players are already becoming leaner and adaptive with new digital technologies across the enterprise. Others would be wise to follow their lead.

The Future: SAP Business One becomes the source of competitive advantage

While many oil and gas companies have transformed, grew and adapted in an increasingly digital world, many oil and gas businesses are still relying on their paper-based systems, spreadsheets, excel formulas, basic accounting software and age-old bookkeeping methods. While internal change may need some time and efforts, the opportunity for profitable growth can’t be ignored. Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate. Yesterday’s software systems do not easily and affordably scale up. With the advanced ERP in place, oil and gas businesses can predict cash flow and keep costs in line, optimize collaboration across various departments, accelerate data-driven decision making and are able to react quickly and deliver on schedule.

SAP Business One is fundamentally changing the oil and gas industry functions as well—in finance, HR, supply chain, marketing and procurement. Decision makers in ONG industry are embracing this next-gen software for higher agility and reduced costs. By bringing in the smart software such as SAP B1, finance team of ONG industry can find hidden sources of value, and so is HR for recruiting and retention. This software has also enabled ONG companies worldwide to forge closer relationships with key stakeholders including customers, vendors, and employees through better supply chain management.

Given these factors, many oil and gas companies are now at a juncture where they are fundamentally reimagining their business processes and meeting escalating market demands. However, amid shrinking budgets, an intense competitive landscape and IT disruption, oil and gas services companies must pay more attention to getting value from their ERP investments. And, as they grow globally, the need for one centralized and comprehensive model is all the more important. SAP Business One can enable the transformation needed in ONG industry needed to grow sustainably and profitability.

Wrapping Up

Using a software solution built designed for oil and gas industry can help you drastically improve equipment utilisation, dispatch and customer satisfaction. SAP Business One offers a seamlessly integrated solution that helps you monitor credit and outstanding sales, offers complete monitoring of tools, monitors fuels, transmitter flows and run DG set status – a whole lot easier. Plus with full integration you can also sync accounting, sales, customer care and finance departments across different verticals from a single system. When you have this much visibility and control you can make better decisions and manage things better.

Aligning with the right business partner….

Uneecops team has an extensive practical experience in SAP Business One  With the help of Uneecops powered SAP Business One solution, industries across Oil and Gas sector can observe significant improvements in business outcomes.

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