Simplify Logistics Functions and Operations with SAP Business One

Simplify Logistics Functions and Operations with SAP Business One

  • 11th Aug, 2017

In an age of increasing expectations and complexity, logistics can be a highly sensitive one where operational inaccuracy can be hard to manage. Most businesses find it useful to manage freights, transfer orders and deliveries, sales function, with smart digital strategies. SAP Business One for Logistics can help you meet the evolving demands of the future by being more reliable, responsive and scalable. In this blog, we will uncover a few key benefits as why ERP software for logistics you would want to have in your business.

Sync the Billing and Invoicing system

Do you need a system that can effortlessly manage your business financial and accounting aspects?. ERP software for Logistics can sync the bill and invoicing aspect so that you can record every logistic detail precisely.

Lorry Management

With route and lorry management, an ERP solution can manage transportation of the business. It suggests alternative routes and reduce delivery time. Not only this, it records multiple locations, handles scheduling and inventory of vehicle types and categories. This simple to use solution takes minimal time for integration and increases the overall productivity remarkably.

Consignment Booking

You can record each detail in your ERP which includes the name of the Consignor, Consignee, from and to location, the type of Consignment, third party consignments, mode of transportation. This ERP also automatically populates a consignment summary for viewing, reporting, details of the good sent on consignment.

If you adopt SAP Business One for logistics, it can help improve efficiency of all your business operations. In addition to this, there can be significant improvement in the productivity of employees and you can easily take care of market demands. With an ERP, you can easily integrate the functions of finance, sales, accounting and customer relationship management segments.

Organizations across industries are embracing SAP Business One and changing the way they make business decisions to achieve better business results.

Is your organization planning to use SAP Business One too?  

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