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Simplify Royalties and Automate Key Business Functions of Publications with SAP Business One

  • 22nd Mar, 2018

According to figures published by SAP in their website, 83% of media companies and 90% printers and publishers in the Forbes 2000 list are SAP customers. Some of the top names include Thomson Reuters, Nielsen, Springer Science and Business Media. These companies have utilized SAP software to make perfect sense of customer data and have a 360˚ view of their customers. Today, many small, medium and large publishers and media houses are using SAP one way or the other, to compete, lead or dominate in the market.

SAP Business One, ERP for SMEs
For publishing houses, ensuring the delivery of hundreds of thousands of items on time or on the same day (for newspapers), is a huge operational headache. All these publications have to be delivered on time to subscribers, retailers and wholesalers. And if your customers are spread across a larger geographical area, the sheer level of logistics involved is intimidating. Non-delivery of issues on time can have serious implications and a direct impact on business revenue and growth.

Apart from production, delivery and logistics, publications also have to manage authors and advertisers, provide customer support, keep a keen eye on sales, and constantly keep a tab on changing tastes and trends. They also need to be on top of demand planning, classified sales, sales forecasting, local ads and more. In such a scenario, the use of ERP solutions such as SAP Business One is the only logical way to streamline distribution processes and operations for publication and media houses.

Benefits of SAP Business One
SAP Business One for publications has numerous benefits, including the following:

Ease of Integration – SAP Business One shines through when it comes to integrating legacy business processes into one single platform. If you have been using old systems, don’t worry. SAP Business One will easily integrate all the data and functionalities into its platform.

Ease of Handling Data – Users across all departments (from inventory to delivery) are able to enter and access data from a single source, eliminating the risk of redundant data and human error.

Easy Reporting – With SAP Business One, sales, inventory, P&L and financial reports are just a few clicks away. This saves a lot of time and money spent on manual methods and resources.

Easy Royalty Payments – Royalty computation and payment is really a time-consuming and cumbersome process for publications. However, with this next-generation ERP, royalty calculation can be done swiftly and accurately ensuring that authors royalties are paid correctly according to sales in a timely banner.

Easy Payment Customization – Paying your customers and vendors on time is important for any business but for publications it is even more critical. The ERP system can create a customized payment algorithm for predetermined customers and vendors, thus reducing outstanding bills and improving vendor and customer satisfaction.

Fast Order Processing – Processing order can be a tedious and time-intensive work when done manually. A single order can take days to process, leave alone the time spent on packing, shipping and delivery. Sales order automation is a breeze with SAP Business One and it helps businesses increase productivity and ensure timely delivery.

The Pick/ Pack Manager – The pick/ pack manager feature in SAP Business One is a highly useful feature for publications. It allows the automation of sales order processing and invoicing in a proper way, including the creation of pick lists and items to pack for shipment along with delivery documents.

For companies in the media and publishing industry, efficient management of people, costs, resources and customer satisfaction can only be achieved if they have a clear visibility of the entire business. With this objective in mind, more and more publication houses are now counting on technology to help them stay competitive while taking care of the bottom line. SAP Business One is one of those technologies that can help publications stay competitive and profitable while maintaining steady business growth.

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