Technology can be a Savior for Your Pharmaceutical Operational Challenges!

Technology can be a Savior for Your Pharmaceutical Operational Challenges!

  • 30th May, 2017

The pharmaceutical industry is becoming a significant sector and is coming up as one of the fastest growing sectors in the healthcare domain. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are using tools like SAP Business One that helps in improving business operations efficiency. It also helps in increasing the productivity of employees. If you use SAP B1, you can easily integrate various functions such as manufacturing, finance, and customer relationship.

Benefits of SAP B1 for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • SAP B1 has made it easier to take care of crucial business processes that are easily adaptable by all users (including non-technical ones) whenever there is a requirement to make important changes to meet desired requirements.
  • Production orders comprise of basic, exclusive based on demand, etc. It includes the various steps like, production, repair, providing services, etc. SAP B1 has a drill-down feature that allows you to see all production costs analysis on one screen with just a single mouse click.
  • Are you looking for a feature that can easily manage your inventory? Well, SAP B1 has built-in inventory, transfer and billing features that allows companies to handle inventory at the client’s locations effectively and efficiently.
  • You can easily manage data flow and automate other business processes by taking immediate actions towards issues.
  • There are a lot of customized fields and properties that can help you manage important information easily.
  • You can easily and efficiently respond and solve customer service issues.
  • SAB B1 allows you revaluation of product costing and its calculation management at each and every stage.
  • In case of delivery or goods returns, you can easily trace an entire log and serial. The tool allows you to provide your clients with a credit note.

SAP B1 business benefits for Pharma Industry

  • You will get automated business processes with pre-defined workflow engine. You are also allowed to customize these workflow engines as per your requirements.
  • There are auto alerts and approval benefits, which can save you a lot of time.
  • You will get automated alerts when the batch is expiring or the inventory has reached to its minimum level.
  • You can monitor your business performance efficiently.
  • You are allowed to trace all the transactions bi-directionally.
  • Easily maintain inventory levels and avoid situations where you do not have stock to fulfill the orders.
  • Latest functionality of packaging and handling shipping operations smoothly.


There are ERP solutions that offer various solutions to overcome the crucial issues that the Pharmaceutical Industry encounters on daily basis. For example, monitoring inventory and keeping it at ideal levels, managing and controlling business performance, building intuitive dashboards, quality control management, tracking drugs expiration, etc. Don’t struggle with your operational challenges! Invest in an ERP solution that will help you overcome these challenges!

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