Tomorrow May Be Too Late The Importance of SAP Business One for Your Sales Team

Tomorrow May Be Too Late: The Importance of SAP Business One for Your Sales Team

  • 08th Sep, 2017

Quite often, when we think of the core functionalities that SAP Business One offers we include accounting, inventory, finance, or supply chain. However, we may not realize that SAP Business One empowers sales team with its core functionalities. SAP B1 generates real-time reports and actionable insights that allow sales team to deliver on promises, plan their sales schedules, identify market trends with sales figures, future demands and precisely forecast their opportunities and much more. All of these can help you lead a sales team to a greater success and enable you generate a high ROI for you business. Let’s quickly look at how SAP B1 can empower their sales team.

Real- Time Sales Dashboard

From within SAP Business One, sales reps and managers can configure a dashboard where sales managers can spot trends and make smarter decisions. More than that, they can track new opportunities, top leads, quota status and can add routine functions for easy access. Once configured, sales executive and managers gain a complete view of the sales pipeline. This helps sales team operate in a fast-paced, performance-driven environment. Just think of daily and monthly sales targets as they need to ensure your business is reaching its sales targets. An effective dashboard on SAP Business One displays specific team member or group performance, show leads outstanding, leads converted, cost per acquisition, profit per sale and the like.

Dive Deeper With Sales Transaction Report

If you want to quickly spot trends, take action and take a deeper dive on sales data, sales report can be carried out at the item level to see all of the transactions related to a customer. When the line of detail is expanded, sales managers can quickly view what deals are changing and more importantly how and why are they changing.

Trend-Based Report

In SAP B1 sales managers can use company data and take it a step further to gain deep insights into their sales performance. The report empowers sales head and managers analyze trends and create a forecast for a specific client, specific product and quantity you believe they will be interested by day, week or month. From here, one can create a trend-based report and anticipate future demands and sales orders.

The pace of sales today is faster than it’s ever been and to keep pace in a competitive environment, it is imperative know the customer, or potential customer, inside and out. SAP Business One gives the insights a sales team needs to identify fresh leads, capture and communicate in real time.

The above is just a brief outlook as how SAP Business One can be really useful for the sales team.  Interested in making your sales team more agile and empowered? Contact us for a free demo.

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