What makes SAP Business One the right choice for Manufacturing Business

What makes SAP Business One the right choice for Manufacturing Business?

  • 20th Feb, 2017

Are you looking for a tool that can easily manage and automate all manufacturing related tasks of your business efficiently and effectively?

Well, SAP Business One (SAP B1) is an intuitive and reasonable business management tool that integrates all essential business functions (such as financials, sales, purchasing, banking, inventory, resources, material requirements planning, etc.) across the company.

SAP B1 provides functions that can help manufacturing industry in generating good revenue for itself. But how one can achieve this goal?

The answer is, SAP B1 can help you:

  • Increase efficiency of the manufacturing process by digitizing the manufacturing process tracking (including scheduling, buying and logistics) into one integrated system.
  • Effectively manage Bill of Materials for production orders via a centralized Material Management system
  • Increase machine and labor utilization
  • Real time inventory and stock movement tracking so that inventory costs are at a minimum
  • Integrated Quality Control measures to configure as and when required based on order changes or customer feedback
  • Follow all rules and regulations by keeping controlled and well-versed records of compliances with government mandates and industry guidelines

It supports light manufacturing, batch, assembly, mixed mode and many more types of manufacturing processes.

Introducing Uneecops…

Here comes Uneecops that takes away the complexity in the manufacturing industry! But how? Uneecops provides predefined workflows that takes care of all aspects of planning, control, quality and implementation. It also helps the manufacturing business meeting the deadlines in delivering the shipping to customers in time.

Uneecops – Key Features

  • Manage multiple manufacturing units or branches
  • Work station master and management
  • Manage machine groups through work center
  • Work center based on unique code and description
  • Calculate work center cost per hour
  • Cost center management for individual work center
  • Standard mapping of operation with work centers
  • Weekdays based operation management
  • Possibility or routing and defining sequence for operations
  • Automatic BMR/ BPR generation


Uneecops helps the manufacturing industry in implementing SAP B1 for different types of activities, such as make as per order, assembling, developing based on order, etc. The best part about SAP B1 is its flexibility that can help you easily automate your production processes and streamline your workflow. You don’t need to be an enterprise scale size to generate business that matches enterprise revenues!

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