Cloud ERP: Separating Myths from Reality

18 December 2020 5 MIN READ

Cloud ERP offers modern business benefits, which is ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating business demands.  Faster deployment, reduced costs, scalability, auto-updates, news ways of collaborating with customers, flexibility and agility.  A move to cloud makes all this a reality. 

There is no doubt that cloud ERP has reached a new level of maturity and scalability that many business leaders never imagined. Despite the enticing benefits of cloud ERP, some business leaders remain skeptical about the next steps or have rising doubts about embarking on the cloud. In this blog, we aim to bust big myths about cloud ERP. 

Cut through the fog and move to Cloud

Myth No. 1 Moving to the cloud can be costlier 

Cost should be weighed against benefit. Since migrating to the cloud is not a “plug-and-play” move as many believe; few business leaders underestimate what a migration or implementation involves. There needs to be a clear understanding of the potential benefits of the cloud. Without a clear business case of moving to the cloud, it becomes difficult to know the value that Cloud ERP holds. Teaming with Uneecops can help you embark on the cloud journey smoother, unravel myth from reality, and give you measurable value.

Myth No. 2 Benefits of the cloud aren’t substantial 

Organizations that embrace cloud may have a competitive advantage—no matter the size and scale of the enterprise. Cloud solutions continue to offer abundant and compelling functionality. Uneecops can help you configure SAP Business One Cloud to the specific needs of your business. For mid size and larger organizations, we offer rapidly deployable cloud solutions like SAP Business ByDesign to meet the unique needs of your business such as new acquisitions, global expansion or foreign investment, for example. For SMEs, SAP Business One Cloud can help you position your business to tap new opportunities and mitigate ongoing challenges. 

Myth No. 3 Moving to the cloud is risky 

All digital technologies and business models come with rising risks. In a highly-competitive world, there is always an increasing need of cyberattacks, insider threats, data theft, or emerging risks. As the risks are real, Uneecops can help clients reduce their risk of embarking on SAP cloud journey. We can add an extra layer of trust and capabilities to manage any risks, avoid service interruptions and provide disaster recovery services. 

Myth No .4 Cloud is still nascent

Cloud is advancing every day. Those who wait for more innovative offerings may find themselves missing out on tangible benefits as Cloud already provides. Across industries such as Pharma, manufacturing, F&B; leading businesses are not waiting. Many view cloud technology as evolving but imperative to grow faster and resilient. Some are using Cloud ERP for anytime, anywhere accessibility. While others are choosing it to streamline complex supply chain processes, scalability, pay-as-you-go-model, or for cost savings. 

Myth No. 5 Moving to the cloud is relatively easy

Migrating to the cloud requires more than a plug-and-play project or a traditional system implementation. It requires a combination of processes —data migration, change management, governance, systems integration, security, and more. Uneecops as your strategic partner of choice can make all this easier.  

Moving forward confidently with a cloud-enabled transformation starts with partnering with the best. Our knowledge and experience across the spectrum of cloud can help funnel cloud facts from fiction. No matter where you are on your cloud journey, we can help you reap the benefits of cloud faster with high-end security and governance. 

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