ERP Software Services for Car Rental Companies


In an industry that’s driven by optimization, resource allocation, and time sensitivity, it is imperative to have an automated system that operates in real-time, with a fully functional alert system that delivers actionable information at opportune time. The Car Rental industry needs a solution that ensures perennial availability of actionable insights without burdening existing manpower with software complexity.

ERP Software for Car Rental by Uneecops


The solution presents a complete registration module that takes care of vehicle and driver registration and inclusion in the system. This module automatically syncs the new drivervehicle combo with the fleet management system and performs reconciliation of available cabs.

Offering complete financial management under a single hood, the solution takes care of billing, consolidated invoicing, vendor payments, and cab maintenance charges through a single module.

Complete with an allocationde-allocation mechanism, the solution takes care of allotment and release of cab resources, depending on customer bookings. The system sends realtime information to the backend and keeps the resource pool updated with triggered updates.

The solution also syncs the cab compliance and maintenance register to keep a track on maintenance schedules for cabs and compliance of each driver vehicle combination.

Industry Benefits

With this Uneecops powered Car Rental solution, organizations can utilize the power of SAP Business One to realize incredible improvements in their operational efficiency, profit margins, and customer serviceability.

With the solution, Car Rental firms have been able to reduce their manual analytical effort up to 90% through automated generation of MIS reports that deliver all the necessary information in an actionable format.

The consolidated payment system has helped organizations overcome a major financial hurdle by streamlining vendor, driver, and customer payments, all through a central system that keeps a track of all transactions.

Realtime tracking system keeps an eye on resource utilization, which ultimately helps car rental and radio taxi firms in gauging availability of their cars, thus improving customer serviceability.

An easy to understand system helps existing workers get onboard without wasting too much energy or time.