ERP Software Services for Dairy Industry


Dairy industry faces unique challenges due to sensitive shelf life of its products. Manufacturers with massive yearly turnover face the challenge of not having a standard solution to supervise their business. They find it difficult to manage milk’s quality control at multiple levels of processing, calculate rates based on quality and quantity, handle order processing, and track activities from procurement to delivery of milk. Businesses are looking for a solution that automates connected processes and integrates them seamlessly with the existing set-up.

ERP Software for Dairy Industry by Uneecops


The solution takes care of accurate supply chain management, from procurement of raw milk to delivery of products to customers. It supports dynamic pricing based on FAT/SNF

With the financial integration module, handling invoices, bills and other banking details becomes effortless.

It simplifies complicated calculations, such as incentives calculation to suppliers/farmers and milk gain/loss during transportation.

The system supports integration of smart devices, MS Outlook and spreadsheets, smoothening communications and alert management.

Industry Benefits

Dairy companies have achieved substantial results through Uneecops powered SAP Business One solution. Through its innovative modules and sound execution, every process has experienced major transformation.

Before installation, supply chain management in Dairy businesses was inefficient due to presence of loopholes while tracking the journey of raw milk from suppliers to consumers. After installation, processes became transparent and proficient, helping businesses keep make their supple chain flawless.

Controlling processes at multiple stages and levels took a lot of time. After the solution was introduced, processes got standardized and operation time reduced by almost 80 percent.

Auto generation of milk purchase bills has reduced the time spent by the purchase accounting team from 5 days to 1 day.

Generation of gain/loss report from the SAP system helped identify the pilferage done by the transporters and finally resulted in recovering financial losses and maintaining milk quality.

Real time production monitoring report helped in identifying the process loss due to negligence and helped in improving the plant productivity.

Easy management of city supply and routes improved customer services and helped reduce financial losses through crates reconciliation.