ERP Software Services for Mall Management Industry


Do you know that up to 95 percent of Premium Malls require a software for complete management of their business? Most premium malls spend as many as half a month for billing and financial management of their mall. However, trapped between resistance from staff and skilled manpower to handle a comprehensive software that takes care of even the minutest mall functions, Mall Managers are unable to arrive at a software solution that performs without disrupting the existing setup of the mall, including other software systems that are working in tandem.

ERP Software for Mall Management by Uneecops


The solution takes care of complete Leasing of mall property, including invoicing, scheduling, and extensions. From Shop Allocation to Termination Date, the system keeps record of every step in the lifecycle of a lease.

The system has a dedicated Events and Promotions Management unit that comes to play for specific promotional events of the mall. Other than invoicing and billing, the unit also takes care of expenses, staging, etc.

Complete financial integration is a specific feature of Uneecops powered SAP B1 solution. The solution connects with existing billing systems of the Mall and performs in sync with billing systems.

With minimum training and integration time, the solution can be mastered by existing staff for saving manual labor and manpower wastage.

Industry Benefits

Through a Uneecops powered dedicated SAP Business One solution that takes care of the minutest details of Management, Premium Malls have realized major improvements in their business, manpower utilization, and revenue generation.

Before the installation of the system, 8-10 hours were wasted every day in Engineering Report Preparation. After the system was installed, it automated the entire process, freeing up to 10 man-hours every day.

Compared to 15-16 man days that went into multi-segmented billing and financials, the system is helping the billing department complete all Billing and Finance tasks in 1 man day in the entire month.

With our system, automated reminders are issued in stages to ensure that the Mall Administration does not miss out on renewals, escalations, and dues.