ERP Software Services for Oil and Gas Industry


With evolving compliance laws, Health, Safety and Environmental regulations, and training existing staff, OnG industry faces multiple challenges of lack of real-time data accessibility, audit trail and inaccurate reporting. To compound this, manual errors result in significant loss of time and money. Businesses are looking for an ERP software that promptly addresses these challenges and streamlines connected processes.

ERP Software for Oil and Gas Industry by Uneecops

This SAP Business One Suite offers complete monitoring of tools for Oil and Gas industry. The maintenance management ensures timely checks and repairs required for smooth running of the tools.

Accounting and finance departments can be synced across different verticals making monitoring of daily sales and cash reconciliation as per different fuel station/city wise really easy.

The system has a dedicated unit that monitors fuels, transmitter flows and running DG set status.

Training is minimal and targeted to address all skills required for this industry. It eliminates resistance by staff and can be implemented in little time.

Industry Benefits

With the help of Uneecops powered SAP Business One solution, industries across Oil and Gas sector have observed significant improvements in business outcome.

Prior to implementation, inventory tracking took 4 man-days a week. This was condensed to 1 hour per week after the implementation of WorkS Oil and Gas Management.

Monitoring credit and outstanding sales became accurate and simpler.

Access to real-time data and fuel details helped in making calculated decisions and cut down administrative losses.

Before implementation, important data was restricted within the organization but after implementation, mobile phones could monitor stock balances, prices list, approval process etc.