ERP Software Services for Publications Industry


Almost 80% businesses look to improving their competitive edge and profitability in the Publication industry through an ERP software, but challenges of insufficient skilled manpower, internet connectivity in remote locations, and low budget are preventing them to from moving toward automation. On the business front, challenges like process streamlining, integration, business complexities, and difficult inventory management are perplexing Publication firms in a high competition market.

ERP Software for Publications Industry by Uneecops

Working to standardize and improve the business process, SAP Business One integrates business processes, such as finance, sales, purchase, inventory, etc., and keeps them reconciled with each other throughout the production process.

A dynamic royalty agreement management and calculation keeps the money flowing in the author’s direction. Multilevel discount mechanism ensures that the benefits are extended to each level, as defined by the management.

Through Dynamic Sales/Scheme categorization, the solution can improve the publication process across the organization.

An advanced approval and alert mechanism laid down by the system ensures efficient management that transcends branch barriers and consolidates the workflow on an organizational level.

Industry Benefits

Through multilevel discount system, Publication firms have been able to deliver value to their customers by tightly controlling discounts and not sacrificing their profits.

Extensive MIS reports have helped firms understand the loopholes in their production process and close them to retain their competitive edge.

Deep sales analysis reports generated by the software solution has helped top management make better decisions and drive business in the right direction by overcoming operational hurdles.

Customized payment term definition for different vendors and customers has helped the organization in reducing customer outstanding across all levels.

Handy training materials have made it easy for existing workers to get in sync with the system and deliver excellence through product know-how.