ERP Software Services for Trading Industry


Did you know that around 90 percent of trading businesses require a software that helps them overcome the difficulty in tracking and managing the inventory from vendors to customers, maintaining reports, and handling billings due to the lack of integrated accounting systems. A deficit in skilled manpower and resistance from their current workforce keeps them away from incorporating new software. Business owners are looking for solutions that can be accommodated seamlessly with their existing set-up.

Trading businesses require an ERP software that requires minimal training and installation time. A solution which offers least resistance to the staff is a bonus.

ERP Software for Trading Industry

SAP Business One seamlessly integrates various processes of inventory, purchase, sales and distribution. It tracks and manages every step with precision and eliminates manual errors.

The Uneecops powered B1 solution provides provision to define standard set-ups such as multilevel discount master, multiple logical warehouse along with bin location wise inventory management and per sales employee wise discount percentage management.

Businesses can sync all their billings and invoices through the finance and accounting module.

With faster response times, access to real-time, accurate data and improved problem solving capabilities, this system aids in making informed sales decisions.

Industry Benefits

Trading businesses have experienced radical changes through Uneecops powered solution. It automates processes making them more efficient and transparent. Even the minutest details are meticulously processed by this solution.

Reduce supply chain management problems by 95% through effective tracking of the flow materials

Better inventory control was achieved by reducing the costs. Careful planning and automation reduced wastage of materials.

Reporting became easier and customer service improved with fewer shortages and stock-outs.

Customer satisfaction was boosted due to maximized efficiency by automation.