Payedge - Payroll Management

Covering the critical need of centralized payroll management, PayEdge, a web based payroll management software, addresses all processes pertaining to accounting and payroll management of an organization. With flexibility and user friendliness as its core competency, PayEdge suits the requirements of companies of all sizes and specializations. PayEdge delivers the immediate benefit of better utilization of HR time, cut down on company and administrative costs, and use of an efficient, paperless payroll processing.


We have designed PayEdge to accommodate typical requirements of every industry across the India. More than 1 Lac users make use of PayEdge to drive efficient ,flawless, error free processing of payroll. Our clients range from large scale players, like Mankind, Middlesex University, to upcoming businesses, such as The Chopras, AishwaryaLifesciences.

PayEdge offers complete customization and can be tailored to suit exact requirements of your company, including integration with existing third-party attendance and biometric systems. PayEdge is designed to expertly handle various payroll, reimbursements, taxations, and leave management processes.

  • Payroll
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    Management System
  • Payroll Management

    The core of PayEdge system, Payroll Management module takes care of central payroll processing and salary disbursement. It lists basic CTC, allowances and bonuses along with employee bank details. The monthly salaries are credited based on this information while taking into attendance and leaves into consideration. PayEdge, an online HRMS software solution, also maintains well-detailed and comprehensive salary sheets along with details of loans and advances as applicable. A configurable journal voucher generation tool enlists necessary details after filling the company ID, financial year, payroll month, payroll year, pay-heads, costs, amount of vouchers that are credited and debited, etc. It can be integrated with existing ERP systems.


  • Statutory Management

    For any organization, following statutory compliance and managing professional taxes is extremely vital. PayEdge’s Statutory Management module provides essential information of tax regulations and deducts them according to employees’ payrolls and bonuses received by them, thus helping organizations overcome discrepancies that could cause legal hassles. The module makes it easier for employees to track their taxes and submit PF challans through ECR file generation. Gratuity reports can be generated and accessed with just a single click. All the reports are easy to understand and quite user-friendly.


  • Reimbursement Management System

    This web based HRMS software flawlessly handles reimbursements of employees. The allocation of reimbursed funds and configuration vary for employees and are pre-defined as per their CTC scales. This is where employees can submit their CTC reimbursement and managers can approve the same, all through an easy, intuitive process. It manages auto balance updates as per eligibility and makes necessary adjustments during FNF. All the policies are stated clearly, in a comprehensive manner. It ensures accurate calculations and credits the right amount to the employees’ payrolls.



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