Uneecops PLUS+ for SMS & Email

Configured to enhance the existing SAP Business One functionality, Uneecops PLUS+ for SMS & Email solution builds on top of existing SAP setup and functions as a complete intimation and alert system that is configured as per organizational requirements. PLUS+ SMS & Email functions as a complete system that is triggered by specific, defined scenarios.

sms and email

With PLUS+ SMS & Email, you can say goodbye to manual communication process, manual intimation processes for transactions, and manual reminders for payments etc. The software also enables automatic submission of MIS reports to top management and ensures a quicker execution of all communication campaigns. The add-on also allows organizations to execute complete email and SMS campaigns for sales and marketing.

  • SMS
  • Email
  • SMS Module

    The SMS Module is capable of working with any service provider, any language, and any configured database for dynamic field entries. The module offers complete customization in terms of provider, format, dynamic fields, and alert formats. For a trigger based mechanism, the SMS module can be configured to send out an alert to customers on defined scenarios, such as Sales Order Receipt, Invoice against Sales Order, Payment Reminders, and Purchase Order release.
    Other than customization for trigger based mechanisms and campaign based mechanisms, the module can also be used for delivering standard MIS data to top management. The freedom to define a trigger in the customization stage allows organizations to have a system that performs exactly as they want. Other functions of the module include complete SMS delivery campaigns, birthday\anniversary greetings for clients, frequency based SMS delivery, and a lot more.


  • Email Module

    Configurable via SMTP or Outlook, the Email module of PLUS+ SMS & Email add-on is a user-friendly configuration system that can be used to define email campaigns and alert mechanisms for the business. Just like the SMS module, the Email module can be used to deliver fully configured MIS reports to the top management. As an extension, the module also allows department based reporting through a customized schedule. The Dynamic SMTP server address configuration adds another level of functionality and customizability to your email campaigns.
    Other than campaigning, the Email Module allows completely customized delivery of emails to business partners, along with attachments, for scenarios like Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoicing, and Order Status reporting. On same lines, the Email module allows organizations to send birthday\anniversary greetings complete with greeting card attachments. The Email module is a complete monitoring tool that can also be used to keep a track on SMS activities through PLUS+ SMS & Email.



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