Uneecops PLUS+ for Publication

Dedicated to printing, publishing and distribution, Uneecops PLUS+ for Publication is built on the foundations of SAP Business One and customized by Uneecops to fit the requirements of the Publishing industry. Designed to fit the requirements of almost 80% Publication businesses looking to improve their business outcome, PLUS+ Publication software integrates the various departments of a Publication organization and makes them work in synchronization to deliver improved business results.


PLUS+ Publication software regulates information flow between various departments, resolves complexities across different business verticals, honors the timelines of processes, and delivers an impeccable product after running quality checks on the Publication outcome.

  • Sales and
  • Production &
  • Reporting
  • Advanced
  • Sales & Inventory

    The primary module that controls inventory management and sales, Sales and Inventory gives complete control to the management over defining and categorizing sales processes, such as over Book Fairs, Exports, Specimens, etc. The module takes care of material dispatch and returns over sales orders, manages sales opportunities delivered by Sales Department, and tracks distribution of specimen copies. For Inventory Management, the module works on the variables of ISBN, Author name, Edition, Language, and several other customizable elements. The module takes care of ISBN 10 to ISBN 13 conversion intrinsically, and also controls the inventory on the basis of Volumes and Serial Numbers.


  • Production and Operations

    Covering the production and distribution of published material; the Production and Operation module takes care of Sampling, Editing, Printing, and Binding of deliverable. The module also takes care of Publisher Imprint, Publisher Group, Vendor wise definition and Job wise definition. Covering the challenge of managing inventory, the module allows creation of warehouses on the basis of groups for specific tracking.


  • Reporting

    PLUS+ Publication offers an extensive reporting mechanism that keeps the management updated on every essential operation and function governing the publication process. From Sale & Purchase to Production & Distribution, the Reporting module tracks all kind of data and presents to the management on demand. Other than reporting, the module also informs on inventory ageing, provisional landed cost, group wise expenditure, and inventory movement. Stock reconciliation is another inherent facet of the Reporting module.


  • Advanced Features

    Other than governing business verticals, PLUS+ Publication software offers some value-added features that make business management superlative for the management.
    Alerts over mail and SMS
    Customized Dashboards and MIS Reporting
    iPhone and iPad integration
    MS Outlook and Spreadsheet integration
    Query Management



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