SAP India Addon (Schedule VI Report)

Schedule VI Report

Report Overview

Schedule VI reports, Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956 (‘the Act’) provides the manner in which every company registered under the Act shall prepare its Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss and notes thereto. In the light of various economic and regulatory reforms that have taken place for companies over the last several years, there was a need for enhancing the disclosure requirements under the Old Schedule VI to the Act and harmonizing and synchronizing them with the notified Accounting Standards as applicable (‘AS’/‘Accounting Standard(s)’). Accordingly, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) Has Issued A Revised Form Of Schedule VI On February 28, 2011.

  • As per the relevant notifications, the Schedule applies to all companies for the Financial Statements to be prepared for the financial year commencing on or after April1, 2011.

  • This add-on consist of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/c, Cash flow statement, notes/annexures; etc.