SAP India Addon (Statutory Report)

Statutory Report

Report Overview

SAP Deutschland AG + Co. KG, Germany has chosen, Uneecops and given a responsibility to develop Statutory Reports add-on for SAP India customers and partners for submitting financial statements conforming to Indian Statutory guidelines.
Statutory reporting is the mandatory submission of financial and non-financial information to a government agency. Each industry has its own set of statutory reporting laws and regulations that mandate reports. For example trading industry has different reporting requirement and an excisable Industry have different requirement. To make things simpler SAP & Uneecops’ jointly have developed 20 reports as per government of India statutory compliance integrated with SAP B1. It is available at the click of a button with accurate and up to date information.


  • Sales Tax Register
  • PLA
  • RG23C Part 1
  • DVAT 31
  • Form 2A – Purchase
  • ER 2
  • ER 6
  • Purchase Tax Register
  • RG23A Part 1
  • RG23C Part 2
  • DVAT 16
  • Form 2B – Sales
  • ER 3
  • ST 3
  • RG1 (DSA)
  • RG23A Part 2
  • DVAT 30
  • DVAT 51
  • ER 1
  • RER 5

Uneecops will also be responsible for supporting to SAP Business One partners and customers on Statutory Reports Add-On. SAP India, Business One partner(s)/customer(s) can mail on below id for anysupport & experienced Support team of Uneecops will respond to it. Telephonic support desk is also been provided for customers and partners for instant support and its resolutions.

We welcome all SAP Business One customers and partners to our support desk. We would be happy to assist you .