The benefits of SAP business one add-on

The benefits of SAP business one addonThe SAP business one add-on package provides customers the ability to configure functionalities according to the needs of the end users. The package has been made to be quite user friendly and allows configuration of functionalities and tasks that were previously possible only with costly development practices. SAP business one add-on extends the capabilities of the enterprise resource planning platform designed to enable both growing, small sized companies and large enterprises to better manage their operations.

The various benefits that SAP B1 add-on provides

  • Additional information: Using this, new field data can be deployed any minute with the core Business One platform. Regardless of whether you are looking to add to the database of customers, vendors or products, SAP B1 allows ease.


  • New window / screens: The addition of new data elements also requires having new data entry windows / screens. The SAP business one add-on comes with a powerful screen painting tool that will allow any user to create a new window confirming to the SAP interface. Further, all this takes just a couple of minutes.


  • Changes in existing screens / windows: Addition of data makes simple calculations more consistent and data more accessible. The SAP Business one itself allows additional logic to the existing screens. Now this additional information isn’t weaved throughout the main programming and thus doesn’t affect the future upgrades.


  • Industry specific changes: For businesses with industry specific requirements, SAP B1 add-on offers tools to easily snap a commercial extension and bridge the challenges. It’s also easy installing other types of Windows applications.


  • Extension isn’t customization: The SAP Business One platform has been designed at its core to support a wide range of extensions. Here, the core business logic doesn’t quite need to be replicated in the extension. Alternatively, SAP will provide the access to all the business logic. Any enhancement and future upgrade will allow for inexpensive retrofitting.


  • Easy to use: SAP B1 add-on makes it very easy for the regular businessman to reap the benefits of the platform. Users can even choose to refine solutions according to their needs, making the overall platform easy to use.