One of India’s largest Garment Sourcing B2B Marketplaces Stitches its Multiple Data Sources on One Platform with Tableau + Uneecops

One of India’s largest Garment Sourcing B2B Marketplaces Stitches its Multiple Data Sources on One Platform with Tableau + Uneecops


Garment Sourcing/Production




INR 500 CR+



Company Overview

An established merchant exporter and garment-buying house redefining the apparel-sourcing industry in India. Operating across 22 states with 15 branches, the company serves a network of over 6000 customers and 5000 suppliers, representing 15000 brands. They connect buyers and suppliers across the globe with India’s vast resources. As a pioneer in the readymade garment, saree, and apparel sourcing space, the company stands tall as a premier channel partner and garment-buying house built on transparency in sales, reliable business ethics, excellent hospitality, and financial prowess. 

Thanks to Uneecops’ expertise in implementing Tableau, we’ve revolutionized how we analyze data and make decisions at our garment business. With Tableau, we can create insights much faster and quickly make decisions across the business. Uneecops has been instrumental in helping us leverage Tableau’s capabilities to drive our business forward.


Before: Manual Process, Repetitive Work, Data Security and Report Distribution Roadblocks.

  • Manually running the prep workflow on daily basis became bottleneck  
  • Delays and human errors in MIS reports
  • Data for multiple years in different schema
  • SQL generated reports incapable of handling large datasets efficiently. 

Why Uneecops and Tableau?

  • With over 80,000 customers globally and 1,500 customers in India, Tableau is renowned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for data analytics. It is leading data visualization software for business intelligence.   
  • Uneecops is a Tableau Gold Partner in India with 120+ clients, 100+ data experts and 150+ successful BI implementations. 
  • They chose Uneecops as their Tableau consulting and support partner as our track record boasts successful collaborations with myriad businesses in the deployment of Tableau solutions, serving as the bedrock for data-centric decision-making.  

After: Reporting systems went from manual to automated!

  • Tableau’s powerful analytics capabilities enabled the garment sourcing giant to generate MIS reports in a timely manner, improving decision-making processes.
  • All historical data integrated for multiple years, providing a holistic view of the business for comprehensive analytics. 
  • SQL-generated reports automated, saving time and effort. 
  • Insightful dashboards enabled informed decision-making based on the automated reports.  
  • Tableau Prep flows integrated and automated, ensuring that data is always up-to-date and ready for analysis.
  • A batch file program runs Tableau Prep workflows using the task scheduler, further enhancing automation and reducing manual effort.

Efficiency gains

90% workload reduced  

MIS reporting went from SQL to completely automated

Merchandize analysis and inventory forecasting enabled

Omni-channel analytics enabled predicative planning for merchandize and inventory

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