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Today’s customers have individual needs regarding dimensions, grade, grammage (weight), and other characteristics of product packages. Technology innovation is required for process integration and automation to meet their needs. Digital transformation is also needed for building future-ready enterprises, as recyclable packaging is in demand.

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Roadblocks in the Packaging Industry

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The change sweeping in the global packaging industry is vast. Traditional production planning and management, testing, procurement process, sales management, and sales order reports can no longer meet future challenges. Packaging businesses also have to deal with:

Power-packed enterprise IT solutions portfolio

To manage intense pressures from the competition, issues of overcapacity, low prices and high raw material costs, Uneecops offers a full range of enterprise modernization services. Our industry-proven ERP, CRM, Analytics and Cloud offerings are ideal for future-ready packaging enterprise IT.

Build a sustainable business with packaging ERP

Robust, scalable, flexible and high-performing ERP for the packaging industry can solve all operational and technical challenges, enhance process efficiencies and reduce time to market while optimizing costs.

  • Hassle-free procurement process with purchase price validation, approval management and QC
  • Ensure the right quantity and quality of raw material, equipment, etc. is available for production.
  • Easily perform sample development, evaluate sample batch costing and net profit
  • Reduce quality risk with incoming QC, outgoing QC, in-process QC and QC derivation based on approval

Expand profit margin with efficient costing analytics and insights

View packaging business reports in real-time and use the insights to make future costing decisions, drive new opportunities, generate new revenue streams, and increase the value for every customer.

  • Project raw material requirements
  • Forsee risks and opportunities based on data
  • Access reports from day based pending sales order, batch costing and production
  • Get sales data figures region-wise, product, value, period, and quantity-wise
  • Analyze packaging demand and manage it through purchasing and sales forecasts

Accelerate packaging productivity and forge better customer relationships

Turn valuable data into actionable insights, and enable sustainable packaging production. Our CRM solutions enable you to enhance customer experience and relationships.

  • Engage your prospects online, on their phone, or on social media networks
  • Create personalized journeys that build customer loyalty
  • Get sales data to work for marketing purposes
  • Map the product, package and prospect journey
  • Achieve better operational efficiency

Embrace speed and packaging innovation with cloud solutions

Our extensive cloud solutions portfolio helps global packaging companies connect and collaborate on one integrated, intelligent platform.

  • World-class data centers to host and maintain packaging business data
  • Enable access from anywhere and at any time
  • Reduce your TCO with a subscription-based SAAS model
  • Leverage more robust and planned disaster recovery capabilities

Methodology for
Packaging Modernization

Uneecops uses its tech prowess to help packaging companies run better. Our automation software give impeccable insights to businesses which helps them make decisions faster.

Devising a roadmap

Devising a roadmap

We determine the goals, budget and challenges that packaging businesses face. We will prep a roadmap for resolving challenges and design a unique packaging digitalization blueprint using agile methodologies and proven industry standards.

Bringing a solution to life

Bringing a solution to life

The expert team creates a modern IT system without impacting your enterprise tools or workflows. Before implementation, we do complete system testing.

After Go-live enhancements

After Go-live enhancements

We set up a demo system and train key software users in the company. Our professional consultants test the new environment and ensure that all agreed workflows are fully supported. In the future, we go one step ahead and propose any possible software add-ons that can suit your current business models.

We Have the Best Partners to Drive Your Business

Our longstanding partnership with leading enterprise IT solution platforms enables us to deliver curated digital transformation services. Our diverse network of technology experts and consultants ensures that your business receives the most innovative and customized business enterprise solutions.



Packaging companies can now have a better integration of their processes and real-time visibility of stock and information. SAP can be deployed in Production Planning & Management, Sustainable Packaging Initiatives, Quality Control, Procurement Processes, Auto Mail & SMS for inventory tracking and Sales Management.
Cloud solutions can help the packaging industry harness real-time insights to increase production efficiency, optimize resource capacity and logistics operations, manage traceability and ensure product quality.