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Tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises across the globe manage their businesses worth billions of dollars on SAP Business One. So trust us, you’re in good hands!

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Need a solution that caters to all your business needs from finance to operations and supply chain to retail?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! SAP Business One offers a comprehensive one-stop solution that gives visibility to your entire business.

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Uneecops is a CMMI Level 5 company having 11+ years of experience in SAP B1 vertical

  • #1 SAP Gold Partner

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Operate at the gold standard from day one with best-in-class SAP B1 implementation In India. Get what you need in one easy-to-use, integrated solution.

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Expand seamlessly as your business grows in size, complexity, and revenue with an ERP Software that’s scalable with local language, currency, and compliance requirements.

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Make informed decisions on-the-go to accelerate sales and profitability with real-time data analytics. Achieve success faster like never before.

Let our consultants discuss your key requirements and help you capture new business opportunities with SAP Business One.

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Uneecops is a brand that inspires trust and admiration amongst the industry leaders.

18+ Industry Solutions

Uneecops offers a wide array of industry-specific SAP Business One solutions carefully designed to integrate with industry requirements, your company’s processes and best practices.

12+ Add-Ons

Give your business a true competitive edge with SAP B1 "Add-ons" products that are designed to meet your business needs.

Our add-ons help companies improve their business functions like production, distribution, service, project management and retail etc. inside SAP Business One.

Open-source ERP is an affordable and flexible Enterprise Resource Planning solution specially designed for SMEs with publicly available source code. It allows companies to access the system for free, customize the same, and pay only for the modules and features they need. It also takes into consideration the future growth of the company and allows easy scalability and upgrades in the system without any disruption.

SAP is the leading ERP software for the management of business processes. It centralizes the data management in an organization and mitigates business complexities by rendering the users easy access to real-time data across the enterprise. With seamless deployment methods (on-premise and on-Cloud) and licensing options, SAP ERP helps companies to design a roadmap to streamlined business processes. It provides the organization with endless benefits, including enhanced productivity, improved customers’ experience, automated business processes, and more that ultimately lead to high ROI.

SAP ERP software integrates the critical facets of business processes from inventory management to manufacturing to sales and customer relationships and provides the users with a single source of truth. It helps leaders gain greater visibility and control over the entire business with time-tested insights anytime, anywhere. With in-built business intelligence, it also creates meaningful reports with predictive analysis on business forecasts; thus, helping leaders make smart business decisions, faster.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a type of software used by organizations to automate and streamline their core business processes including finance, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, sales, and CRM. A complete ERP suite ties together multiple business functions and regulates the exchange of data between them, thus, rendering accurate, error-free, and duplication-free data to the users. The connected workflow and unified data center help leaders make insights-driven business decisions.

SAP ERP is a complete suite application that provides an end-to-end solution to daily business challenges. To accomplish the same, it uses a set of modules that streamline the core business processes across the enterprise and empower users with data-rich insights. The SAP ERP modules include Accounting and Finance, Material Management, Production and Planning, Quality Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Sales and Distribution, Logistics Execution, Customer Relationship Management, and more.

The diversity in ERP platforms can be grouped on the basis of: level of functionality, utility as per business size, and modes of deployment. The types of ERP are as follow:

  • Cloud ERP: Cloud ERP solutions that are highly customizable and can adapt to the requirement across the industry.

  • Open-source ERP: Cost-effective alternatives of ERP that are flexible for customization and allow upgrades and scalability.

  • Vertical ERP: Industry-specific ERP solutions that focus on the target market, like construction, retail, manufacturing, pharma, F&B fashion, etc.

  • Small Business ERP: ERPs that are not fully integrated but serve only particular business processes and available as both on-premise and on-Cloud. The other modules or features of ERP are however available as add-on features and can be availed if required.

ERP implementation is the process of mapping business practices strategically for optimized and streamlined operations and configuring software in your business landscape. The process involves cleansing and migration of data, training users about the software, managing the changes, going live, and maintaining the system for smooth functioning.

ERP implementation process is the strategic planning of implementing ERP software in the most efficient way possible. The process aims at effectively optimizing the resources using a proven methodology of implementation. The common steps involved in the process include: Project Preparation and research, Installation of the software, Migration of data, Testing of the system, Users’ training, Software deployment, and Post-live support.

The emerging tools and technologies are capable of building many useful enterprise applications. However, these applications are not so easy to implement due to the complex enterprise architectural design. To minimize the common issues related to enterprise application development, Martin Fowler along with other experienced object-technology experts, created a handbook explaining the detailed solutions with reference to the patterns, i.e., Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. Each pattern depicted in the book provides information related to the use and implementation along with the coding examples in Java and C#.

SAP Accounting is a financial accounting and reporting tool which keeps a track of all the transactions and analyzes the financial status of the organization. The user-friendly approach of the system and the ease of access information empowers leaders to make informed business decisions. The popular SAP accounting software modules include: finance and accounting, reporting, tax management, compliance management, etc.

ECC in SAP is ‘ERP Central Component’. It creates a central platform for exchanging real-time business information and optimizes the core business processes. ECC includes 10 functional core components and 2 technical components. The functional components include: Financial Accounting, Controlling, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Customer Services, Project Systems, Human Resource Management. And the technical components that are mandatory to implement ensure the effective development of customized reports and authorization of specific roles to the resources.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used for automating and streamlining the core business processes of an organization via a suite of features and functionality known as modules. Depending on the unique needs and demands of the organizations, some of the components of ERP can be customized to add the industry-specific features. However, there are some general modules that can be found in all ERP systems. These are Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, CRM, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system enables leaders to gain greater visibility and control across the organization that in turn opens new growth opportunities. Access to real-time information on the fly helps them make informed business decisions. Other noteworthy benefits of ERP are: advanced reporting, improved customer satisfaction, optimized inventory management, improved performance, modernized business approach, accurate accounting and finance management, organized data management, etc.

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