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Managing Director Uneecops

Why Automation Matters
in Today’s Era?

“With increasing nip and tuck competition in the market, businesses should invest their time in thinking big strategies and not in repeating the same tasks. You never know which strategy can works like a bull’s eye while you keep the software to work for you and to power your decision making abilities.”

Ketan Jain
Managing Director, Uneecops

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline your business processes and improve productivity using our cutting edge ERP solutions & service offerings custom built for small and medium enterprises.

E-Governance Solutions

Our e-Governance solutions enable the government to reduce operational complexities and help citizens, businesses & government bodies to leverage technology to access public services with ease.

E-Governance Services
Our Portfolio
  • Browse through our portfolio of e-Governance services and move to digitally smart governance with Uneecops.
  • Drive rapid digital transformation across your Government departments and agencies with established and next-gen technologies.
Our Products

Our products portfolio comprises of business automation software’ that helps you focus on high-value tasks and improves organizational efficiency by automating repetitive human tasks, process workflows, data capture & decision making.

  • India's most popular HR automation software for managing the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire. Trusted by 300+ companies across 18 industry verticals.
  • Connectrix is a unified business communication platform, custom built for fast growing organization to increase data visibility & organizational efficiency on the go anytime, anywhere!
  • A complete end-to-end Campus Management Software which automates various aspects and functions of educational institutes, colleges and universities.
  • High-quality SAP certified industry-specific Add-Ons designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP Business One and cater your unique business needs.

Get actionable business insights with our cutting edge BI products & consulting services. Make informed decisions and improve business efficiency with real-time analytics.

Dashboard Services
Our Work
  • Browse through our portfolio of BI clients and know how we are offering strategic value to them with our assortment of BI services.