Amplifying Business Outcomes As Microsoft Power BI Partner


Beyond Implementation: Power BI Support and User Adoption

Uneecops is not just a consulting and Power BI implementation partner. We are an end-to-end Microsoft Power BI partner and our services cover administration and development support. From daily administration and proactive monitoring to handling change requests and upgrades, we ensure a stable and evolving Power BI solution. Our all-encompassing approach includes data management, health checks, troubleshooting, and help desk services, supporting your data-driven decision-making journey.

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Power BI Partner Offering Data-driven Insights To Make Faster Decisions

Enabling the synergy between data and decisions gives organizations the ‘edge’ they need to outperform the competition. Uneecops identifies how your industry challenges can be met using self-service and enterprise-grade analytics tools. Further enabling you to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

UNESCOs is a Microsoft Power BI partner that helps with data discovery, management, transformation, and integration. Our Power BI consulting services assist in the development of codified and machine learning-based business algorithms. We help you make the most of your data by strategizing, establishing, and managing a robust ecosystem as a top Power BI partner.

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Power BI Implementation

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Seize the Data Advantage with Power BI Consulting Services

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where data reigns supreme, the role of business intelligence has become paramount to achieving success. At Uneecops, our dedicated team of Power BI consulting experts, visualization architects, and analytics developers collaborate with you to unveil the latent insights residing within your data. We recognize that the true potential of data lies beyond its mere collection – it’s in the analysis and exploration that reveal actionable insights.

In a world where data drives success, Uneecops’ Power BI consulting services offer a transformative approach to business intelligence. Reach out to us to revolutionize the way your organization leverages data, making it a cornerstone of your success. Unlock the true potential of your data with Uneecops as your expert Power BI consultant.

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Beyond Implementation: Power BI Support and User Adoption

Uneecops is not just a consulting and Power BI implementation partner. We are an end-to-end Microsoft Power BI partner and our services cover administration and development support. From daily administration and proactive monitoring to handling change requests and upgrades, we ensure a stable and evolving Power BI solution. Our all-encompassing approach includes data management, health checks, troubleshooting, and help desk services, supporting your data-driven decision-making journey. Discover the full spectrum of Power BI services with Uneecops as your reliable Power BI Partner.

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Power BI Consulting Services: Choose the Ideal Product for Your Requirements

Being a Power BI consultant company, Uneecops helps you choose the best, tailored solution that enables business-specific and confident decision making. Moreover, our Power BI consulting guides you through various solutions to help you transform your data into interactive and visual insights.

Power BI Desktop

Leverage the free tool to create interactive reports with visual analytics.


Power BI Pro

Create better, more interactive data visualizations to achieve a data culture.


Power BI Premium

Get greater insights easily using advanced capabilities of self-service data preparation and enterprise BI.


Power BI Mobile

Access visualizations, live dashboards, and reports from anywhere to make data-driven decisions.


Power BI Embedded

Leverage cognitive analytics tools to create customer-facing, world-class reports, dashboards, and analytics on a single platform.


Power BI Report Server

Simplify organizational reporting and allow you to migrate to the cloud whenever you want.


Power BI Partner with Track Record 100+ BI Implementations

Our Power BI implementation services include complete access to robust semantic models, an open connectivity framework, and a powerful application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit and collect, analyze, publish, and share business data in new ways. Based on your enterprise’s analytics requirements and budget, our Power BI consultant will tailor the services to help you maximize ROI.


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The Power of a Power BI Partner

Microsoft Power BI is more than just a tool – it's a transformative platform that empowers your organization with a profound understanding of your data. Through user-friendly dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations, Power BI enables seamless consumption and analysis of a wide array of live data sources. Uneecops Power BI partner helps you harness the true potential of this platform. We guide you in connecting with diverse data sources, simplifying data preparation, and driving deep analysis. With Power BI implementation services, you gain the ability to craft insightful reports that can be easily shared across your organization, and accessible on the web and various mobile devices. Imagine having a personalized dashboard offering a holistic, 360-degree view of your business. This is precisely what a Power BI partner can create for you. With Uneecops as a Power BI implementation partner, you get insights from these custom dashboards that offer a comprehensive perspective for strategic decision-making.

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Power BI Implementation Partner Imparting Data Intelligence Across Departments

Our mission is to empower professionals at all levels/functions of your organization to maintain real-time data accuracy, consistency, and security with Power BI implementation services. Equip each department with detailed analytics capabilities, creating an invaluable competitive advantage for your entire enterprise.


Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting

Power BI dissects financial data into actionable insights. As you begin with Power BI consulting, you can start allocating more time to strategic analysis.


Sourcing, Procurement, and Purchasing

Sourcing, Procurement, and Purchasing

Enhance your complete procurement procedure, encompassing purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and vendor invoice payments.


Supply Chain and Distribution

Supply Chain and Distribution

With Power BI implementation, you can harness real-time analytical capabilities to receive alerts for supply chain data, forecast demand, and more.


Operations and Inventory

Operations and Inventory

Power BI implementation helps you to prevent excess, minimize waste, and fulfill customer requirements efficiently.


Production and Pricing

Production and Pricing

Elevate high-level strategic and pricing determinations through improved financial analysis and understanding.


Sales and Services

Sales and Services

Enhance customer relationships and sales efficacy by reducing the time spent deciphering customer insights and business trends with Power BI implementation.

Industry-ready Power BI Implementation Services

Our industry-specific Power BI implementation services provide comprehensive solutions for embedding accurate insights into business decisions, allowing you to outwit the industry’s most complex challenges and gain faster results.


Improve supply chain management, equipment assessment, production analysis, and more with smart analytics tools.



Access, analyze, and secure sensitive patient data, maintain medical records, and inculcate best industry practices for effective treatment and medications.



Create a modern supply chain, reduce risks, and save costs with a comprehensive view of your inventory across multiple warehouses.


Professional Services

Improve customer experience, achieve loyalty, generate operational efficiencies, and manage risk with data-driven decisions.


Streamline inventory management, sales order management, and purchasing order management with insights-driven decisions.


Food & Beverage

Make effective decisions using high-quality data and easy data monitoring to track vital food quality metrics.


Know What Our Clients Think Of Us

When we got the first dashboard done in Power BI by Uneecops we were so surprised to see our data consolidated in such an aesthetic manner. We couldn’t believe that our data had so much hidden insight & meaning

Anoop Agarwal

Sr. Manager IT, Coldex Ltd

Uneecops team did a brilliant job with our dashboard using Power BI. They helped us dig out meaningful information from our data and placed them right on our dashboard. Now, we have access to real-time data.

Manish Kulshreshta

Sr. Manager, Stonemen Crafts


Empowering Businesses With Our Analytics

Learn how we used analytics and business intelligence technologies to reimagine business capabilities.

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How We Utilize Advanced Analytics For You

Discover more about our Power BI consulting services that help your business grow its data analytics capabilities. As a leading Power BI implementation partner, we can guide 100% tailored system solutions.



Power BI works by connecting data from disparate sources and making it into visually appealing and interactive insights. It lets you easily visualize and discover what's important, and transforms raw data into information that supports business decisions. It can access vast volumes of data from multiple sources in form of Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, PDF, etc and converts it to build interactive dashboards and reports.
Power BI can do wonders for your small businesses. It plays a critical role in making strategic decisions and planning a pivotal move for your small business and revenue growth. It highlights areas where sales are sluggish, tracks sales growth, keeps a tab on productivity and explores areas where expenditure is going up. Power BI reduces the risks associated with late decisions, examines the business health in more detail, and helps minimize operational costs by rendering complete visibility and so much more.
Power BI allows business users to build personalized and interactive dashboards and custom reports quickly. It renders complete visibility to identify risks and opportunities in real-time and handles time-sensitive situations easily. It empowers all your users to explore freely at the speed of thought, amplify discovery and seize every business moment and drive immediate action.
" Microsoft Power BI software pricing falls in two brackets Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. Power BI Pro license cost $13.70 per user/month. While Power BI Premium costs $27.50 per month. It includes all the features available with Power BI Pro. Power BI Premium cost per capacity/month cost $6,858.10. Prices indicated here may differ due to currency, country, and regional variant factors. Contact the Uneecops team to learn more about volume licensing or individual licensing of Power BI."
Power BI is one of the highly admired and Gartner-rated analytics software used by the world’s most influential brands. As the world’s leading analytics platform, Power BI is in vast demand owing to multiple reasons. It has self-service BI functionality, unparalleled Excel interoperation, intuitive dashboards, predictive analytics and enterprise-ready dashboards and capabilities.