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Move people and the world with car rental digital transformation

Accelerate business processes in the world of connected cars and advanced driver assistance systems. Find out how Uneecops is enabling car rental companies to get real-time actionable insights without burdening existing manpower with software complexity.

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Challenges faced by car rental companies

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The competitive landscape of car rental is changing dramatically. Global rental players are driving a trend where customer centricity is the main focus. This trend brings its own set of roadblocks.

Win the rentals race with modern enterprise tech solutions

Uneecops offers modular IT solutions to help car rental and radio taxi firms gauge the availability of their cars. Our enterprise-ready ERP, CRM, Analytics and Cloud software streamline vendor, driver, and customer payments - all through a central system that keeps track of all transactions.

Embrace real-time tracking of cars and your car rental business with ERP

In an industry driven by optimization, resource allocation, and time sensitivity, ERP software automates car rental business in real-time, with a fully functional alert system that delivers actionable information at an opportune time.

  • Calculate cab asset cost, including owned and leased assets, assets under maintenance, and/or imported assets
  • Easy to maintain cab as a fixed asset
  • Capture the details of the cab
  • Allocate cab to drivers and perform a checklist of cars before allocation
  • Ensure control and prevent misappropriation of assets

Use data to drive decisions and advanced analytics for proactive insights

Improve and transform the way car rentals are managed. Generate value across the fixed asset and customer service value chain using data-driven insights provided by our analytics solutions.

  • Record data of activities, regular booking, Daily Subscription Duty (DSD), CSM
  • Get HR insights of the driver, guarantor and provide training with feedback
  • Analyse dynamic and legal compliance reports and receive alerts on non-compliance
  • End-to-end fleet management
  • IoT-based car rental subscription data insights

Shift gears in the direction of better customer experience

Ensure a seamless journey through every stage of the car rental life cycle. Transform the customer experience from disconnected interactions to a personalized, holistic experience fueled by purpose.

  • Reinvent business models and accelerate innovation
  • Create custom experiences that build customer loyalty
  • Engage your prospects wherever they are—online or on social media
  • Manage the relationship from subscription to drive to payment and after-sales
  • Service better with actionable insights

Connect data from all sources – rentals, service and marketing

Instantly track business operations, multiple location functions and car rentals on the go with our portfolio of cloud solutions.

  • Real-time demand management and order promising
  • Enable live tracking of fixed assets and customer journeys
  • Attend to customer payments, queries and concerns online
  • Anytime, anywhere operational optimization

Strategies that help car rental companies
gear up for success

Here is how we power car rental businesses to realize incredible improvements in their operational efficiency, profit margins, and client serviceability.

Complete automation

Complete automation

The solution presents an entire registration module that takes care of vehicle and driver registration and inclusion in the system. This software automatically syncs the new driver vehicle combo with the fleet management system and reconciles available cabs.

Implementation support

Implementation support

Offering complete financial management under a single hood, the solution takes care of billing, consolidated invoicing, vendor payments, and cab maintenance charges through a single module. We have experts to help you through the software implementation process.

Regular updates

Regular updates

The automation solutions take care of the allotment and release of cab resources, depending on customer bookings. The system sends real-time information to the backend and updates the resource pool with triggered updates.

We Have the Best Partners to Drive Your Business

Our longstanding partnership with leading enterprise IT solution platforms enables us to deliver curated digital transformation services. Our diverse network of technology experts and consultants ensures that your business receives the most innovative and customized business enterprise solutions.


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SAP ERP can help car rental businesses with cab registration, cab allocation, driver registration, asset management, invoicing management, payment collection, cab maintenance, compliance maintenance, etc.
It depends on your specific business needs and challenges. Uneecops offers a range of analytics solutions, including Tableau, Power BI & Alteryx to enable data-driven decision-making. We help car rental companies track their asset data and service customers based on data-powered insights.