Accelerate Your Business: Agile Decision-Making with Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

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Unleash Data's Full Potential with Turbocharged Governance, Data Science, AI/ML, and Business Intelligence Services

Analytics automation translates data into actionable insights. Uneecops accelerates businesses’ analytics journey with our expert data scientists and agile business intelligence services & solutions.

We enable businesses to seamlessly harness data transformation, offering rapid time to value, straightforward installations, and continuous support. Partner with us for exceptional business intelligence consulting services and sustained growth!

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Elevate Your Business with Advanced Business Intelligence Services and In-Depth Data Insights

Harnessing the immense power of data for insights-driven decisions is crucial. We expedite your analytics journey with our expert data scientists and agile business intelligence services & solutions.


As leading BI service providers, we enable businesses to effortlessly leverage data transformation, offering rapid time to value, easy installations, and continuous support. Partner with us for exceptional business intelligence services and sustained growth!

Maximize Value with Our Premier Data Science, Governance, and Business Intelligence Services & Solutions

In today's competitive landscape, relying solely on traditional BI tools is no longer sufficient. Value-added business intelligence services and solutions provide numerous benefits, such as enhanced decision-making, deeper insights, customization, scalability, improved data governance, superior user experiences, competitive advantages, and cost efficiency. Our comprehensive enterprise BI analytics services leverage modern BI tools and data analytics expertise to put your data to work. Embracing these advanced BI analytics services isn't just a smart choice—it's a strategic imperative for organizations aiming to thrive in the data-driven era.

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Enterprise intelligence Operational intelligence CRM intelligence Supply chain intelligence Transportation and logistics Production intelligence Financial intelligence HRintelligence Brand & product intelligence Enterprise asset intelligence Marketing intelligence Accounting intelligence

Enterprise intelligence

Enterprise intelligence

Operational intelligence

Operational intelligence

CRM intelligence

CRM intelligence

Supply chain intelligence

Supply chain intelligence

Transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics


HR intelligence

Accounting intelligence

Accounting intelligence

Financial intelligence

Financial intelligence

Production intelligence

Production intelligence

Enterprise asset intelligence

Enterprise asset intelligence

Marketing intelligence

Marketing intelligence

Brand & product intelligence

Brand & product intelligence

Unlock Superior Analytics and Flexibility with Uneecops’ Scalable Business Intelligence Services!

Unlocking the Power of BI: Our Team of 100+ Data Analysts Delivers Expert Business Intelligence Consulting Services

As one of the premier business intelligence services companies, we offer essential analytics expertise and partner with industry leaders like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Alteryx to guide you through every stage of your BI journey. From strategy development to deployment, our business intelligence consulting services ensure you maximize the value of your BI investments.

Here’s How We Make It Happen

  • Exploration and Insights: Utilizing feature-rich, self-service BI analytics tools, we delve into diverse datasets to reveal valuable insights and drive informed decisions.
  • Tailored Licensing Solutions: Our certified BI consultants work closely with you to select the perfect licensing options that align with your unique requirements, ensuring optimal utilization of your investment.
  • Ongoing Support and Training: With vigilant monitoring and expert care, our data scientists ensure the health and security of your servers, protecting your data from unauthorized access or threats. It’s what sets us apart as leaders among business intelligence services companies.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Personalized Insights for Maximum ROI

With exceptional business intelligence services, Uneecops empowers your internal team with confidence and expertise in analytics tools, facilitating rapid access to valuable insights. Our Tableau experts excel in crafting a diverse array of charts, maps, scatterplots, and immersive dashboards, thus tailoring the BI analytics services to your business needs.

Here’s How We Make It Happen

  • Tailored Business Intelligence Consulting: Our data analytics professionals leverage real case studies to enhance your BI capabilities, empowering you to utilize analytics software effectively and make informed business decisions.
  • Technical Expertise: From filtering to dynamic parameter selection and basic tooltip usage for forecasting, grouping, and analysis, we guide your business through the intricacies of dashboards and stories, ensuring mastery at every step as your trusted BI service providers.
  • • Building Your Analytics Team: As one of the leading business intelligence services companies, we minimize dependence and instil confidence within your organization by offering unique, dynamic, and hands-on training opportunities.

Uncover Actionable Insights with Holistic Dashboards

We help you design easy-to-use impactful dashboards to surge your curiosity and uncover hidden insights in a matter of minutes. In addition, we assist you in building custom dashboards – as per your unique needs.

Here’s how we do it

  • Analyze: Assess business processes to identify goals, performance indicators, and expectations to accurately depict your enterprise story.
  • Build: Leverage our business intelligence services to create intelligent, user-friendly, and intuitive dashboards tailored to your business environment.
  • Visualize: Our business intelligence services and solutions get you a complete narrative of your business to identify patterns and convey complex concepts seamlessly.

Unlock More Value From Your Data With Advanced Analytics

Our up-to-date intelligent analytics solutions help your business harness the power of technologies and reap the benefits of cloud technologies easily and efficiently. We also smoothen migration from on-prem analytics tools to cloud software.

Here’s how we do it

  • Understanding your environment: We do a SWOT analysis to identify your business capability to shift to new technologies. Our business intelligence consulting services help you plan your analytics journey smoothly.
  • Creating advanced analytics blueprint: We help you create a plan for discovering new growth opportunities through data monetization business intelligence services.
  • Scaling advanced data management: Confidently scale analytics cloud across your enterprise and get AI and ML-powered data transformations for better outcomes, powered by Uneecops’ business intelligence and analytics services.

End-to-end Support With Zero Hassles And Disruption

Uneecops helps you achieve significant outcomes from your BI application deployment. In addition, it helps you enjoy the exponential value of every engagement by providing real-time monitoring, always-on assistance, backup & disaster recovery, iterative innovations, and a comprehensive grasp of — your business, industry, and cultural dynamics.

Here’s how we do it

  • Monitor: Ensure peak performance without any glitch, failure, downtime, or breakdown.
  • Disaster Recovery: Take quick & precise action against hardware, software, infrastructure failures & human errors.
  • Testing: Automate functional testing, data load testing, and validation.
  • Monitoring & Support: Get the perfect mix of assistance to handle diverse issues and position your business for success.

Our Capabilities




Successful BI implementations


Data and Analytics Experts

Curated Self-service Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

We have resolved data challenges for businesses in 18+ industries that have helped us understand specific domains, opportunities, and threats. With time, we have developed personalized business analytics services to enable insight-driven decisions across organizations - irrespective of their niche.


Leverage our expertise to implement the best solutions for insight on retail distribution, management, etc


Align quality, traceability, and regulatory compliance data to enhance your pharma company’s efficiencies.

Food and Beverages

Maintain perishability, quality, and safety standards with fast, deep-level insights, timely alerts, and on-the-fly optimization.


Infuse intelligence in your business, ensure lightning-fast production cycles, easily manage plant-wide component requirements and reduce inventory buffers.

Logistics and Warehousing

Keep track of stock movements, optimize inventory levels and improve on-time delivery with better data insights.


Use packaging-industry-specific analytics dashboards to better understand digitally connected supply chains and manage disruptions more effectively.


Predict and forecast chemical demand, analyze inventory based on data, and ensure compliance across all metrics with self-service analytics.


Build an efficient supply chain, reduce risk, and save cost with data. Drive automotive growth with smarter decision-making.

Hear it From Our Clients

“I would like to express our sincere admiration to the Uneecops team for your outstanding efforts in your ongoing assignment with us. We appreciate everything that you have done over the past months. The endless hours you have spent working for us and the professionalism you have shown have been a great support to the team.


The results are very much appreciated by our stakeholders and data consumers. I am thankful for your hard work and dedication to making every critical project a great success.”

Head, Global Products

Head, Global Products, Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs (DTDL)

Uneecops team did a brilliant job with our dashboard using Power BI. They helped us dig out meaningful information from our data and placed them right on our dashboard. Now, we have access to real-time data.

Manish Kulshreshta

Sr. Manager, Stonemen Crafts

When we got the first dashboard done in Power BI by Uneecops we were so surprised to see our data consolidated in such an aesthetic manner. We couldn’t believe that our data had so much hidden insight & meaning

Anoop Agarwal

Sr. Manager IT, Coldex Ltd

I’m thankful to Uneecops for their contribution during our recent Tableau implementation and reports development. Tableau has helped us gain valuable business insight which was otherwise difficult to attain

Narendra Mahato

Asst. Manager IT, Bajaj

Tableau’s powerful & real-time reports have helped us reduce our manpower efforts in report making by almost 90% and has improved the decision making by leaps & bounds. Also, the support extended by Uneecops team is commendable.

Durga Prasad

Sr. Business Analyst, SRSG


Our BI Implementation Approach

  • Assess your business requirements
  • Devise a BI roadmap
  • Improve your present BI tool
  • Check the feasibility of a ready-made BI product
  • Plan or improvise on a custom solution
  • Integrate BI into your workflow
  • Supplement it with value add-ons
  • Collect and cleanse data to develop a data warehouse
  • Design, develop, and execute BI products
  • Test and implement the BI system across the enterprise


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Licensing and Costs

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"Name it, and our expert BI team at Uneecops can integrate it. Whether it is pulling data from simple CSV files, PDFs, or spreadsheets to complex databases, our expert teams know it all. We give customers the greatest options to choose and integrate BI with any cloud apps like Salesforce and more. Count on Uneecops' expert BI integration team to deliver outstanding customer experiences and level up your Business."
When you implement BI in your business you can analyze deeply what drives revenue for your business and generate keen insights and reports for the team and executive decision-making. You can measure the overall performance of your business, connect and visualize data in minutes and answer critical business questions, discover the "why" behind AI-driven insights that invite deeper exploration.
BI (Business Intelligence) is critical for any business that converts raw data into meaningful information that drives profitable business decisions. It performs data analysis and creates reports in a matter of time. Your business can identify market trends, spot opportunities, and avoid any potential business roadblocks way in advance. Many business leaders assume BI as an indispensable business tool.
To identify the best business intelligence services companies or BI service providers, consider Uneecops. With a solid reputation, experienced team, customized solutions, technological expertise, and a history of client success, Uneecops stands out in the field of business intelligence services. Our commitment to scalability and excellent customer support makes them a top choice for businesses seeking BI solutions.