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When you choose to work at Uneecops, you become a part of an employee-centric environment. In order to achieve our goals, we provide our people with a dynamic, collaborative.


We come together wherever we are – across time zones, regions, offices and screens.


Our teams reflect the rich diversity of our world, with equitable access to opportunity for everyone.


We believe in your freedom to work when and how you work best, to help us all thrive.

Benefits of working at Uneecops

The best performance in the workplace is fuelled by a happy life outside work. Therefore, investing in your career and life is at the heart of Uneecops\' philosophy. Here’s how we go the extra mile for our team...

Inside Uneecops
Team Tales and Triumphs Together

Corporate Values

At our core, we champion a culture fueled by values and centered around our people. Our commitment? Crafting an inclusive, people-first atmosphere that truly resonates with our team\'s passions and priorities. Because when we value people, we value business and create true business value!

  • Success-Driven
    Championing success amidst complexity, Uneecops is relentlessly driven to empower our global clients and team. Our infectious optimism fuels trust in our capabilities. Together, we ignite momentum, forging a path to our mutual aspirations, along with building a winning culture. For us, success isn't just a destination—it's our relentless pursuit!
  • Adaptable
    In tech's fast lane, we pave the way for adaptable, agile mindsets - one that constantly embrace change and conquer market shifts. The road to innovation needs patience-mindset to be able to transform new ideas into tangible business results. Uneecops is versatile in action and agile in thought. Because, change for growth is our only constant.
  • Transparent
    A crystal-clear approach. Transparency shines through our actions, illuminating every endeavor with integrity. Working with heart and unwavering honesty, we forge trust with clients and stakeholders alike. Our commitment resonates with authenticity and clarity; a partnership where transparency isn't just a value—it's an inherent assurance.
  • Responsible
    Trust isn't given; it's earned, and we're committed to proving our sense of responsibility. Every day, we earn our customers' and peers' trust by keeping our promises, big or small. Respect, openness, nurturing connections within our communities and social consciousness are our duty and responsibility.

Job Openings

3 jobs found

Salesforce Developer

Experience : 4-7 Years
Location : Pune
Full time

Solution Manager(Direct Sales) – CRM

Experience : 5-8 Years
Location : Bangalore
Full time

SAP B1– Functional Consultant

Experience : 3-6 Years
Location : Ahemdabad
Full time

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