How BI finds Critical Business Data Fast?

  • 06 January 2020
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Critical Business Data

Finding critical information faster is a clear and current priority of all growing businesses. You can’t dig reports from every far-flung corner to see the big picture. That’s a real pain and wearisome and one thing you would want to avoid when your company’s business growth is at stake.  Tableau BI tool can help solve this hurdle by providing the utmost visibility and fidelity to use this data and confidently navigate the journey of success.   

So, as a business leader, if your hands are always pressed for time or you’re probably drowned in data, it pays to invest in a robust software to quickly rely on data-driven insights rather than just mere instincts and opinions. 

According to recent research, the majority of companies base their decisions on mere gut feelings rather than basing it on actual data. That leaves an awful lot to chance.  It’s a fact that many business users spend their day trying to get access to the right data or getting by with Excel.  They face complexities in drilling down into the details and focusing on what’s important to them. 

Let us see how BI software helps you find critical information faster in real-time. 

See all the metrics at one place

Tableau BI tool connects seamlessly to disparate data sources. It instantly visualizes and drills down information and helps you deliver data-driven insights to stay on top of your business. Together with a mobile capability, Tableau helps to stay on top of your business on any device, wherever you happen to be. 

Tableau: A Solution for Every Role 


Tableau helps CFOs and finance managers to rest their analysis on data. It helps uncover potential risks before they become huge hurdles. It 

  • Analyzes accounts receivables
  • Monitors cash inflow and expenses
  • Manages compliances
  • Performs risks analysis 


The business intelligence and analytics software give unprecedented visibility as to how your sales reps are performing. Often, sales leaders cannot respond with concrete answers and they have no data to back up their statements. Tableau BI tool can – 

  • Uncover the real-time performance of your sales reps
  • Help you analyze the deals that are more likely to get close
  • Give an insight into the sales representative’s targets 
  • Tell you which sales reps are lacking behind 
  • Give a picture as which candidate is extraordinarily good in meeting their targets


Struggling to know which marketing campaigns are performing best? With Tableau BI software, it is possible to- 

  • Understand ROI on every dollar spent
  • Answer your most pressing questions
  • Make better business decisions
  • Act strategically 
  • Know the real-time results of running campaigns 

Irrespective of the industry you are in- Sports, retail, manufacturing, pharma, packaging, construction, or so, you have all reasons to invest in this amazing self-service BI tool. With Tableau BI tool, it becomes way easier for all CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, Sales, Functional and Finance head to analyze data with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.  You can use the drill down/up, zoom in and out, run ad-hoc queries on the fly with minimal assistance. It’s that SIMPLE!!!!

Do you want to know what other BI software capabilities can fasten business decisions with facts and figures? Uneecops is your go-to partner which provides end-to-end business intelligence services ranging from BI consulting, Data Visualization to Dashboarding. 

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