Should you integrate Your ERP and CRM Solutions?

  • 12 June 2014
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It would be safe to assume that these days almost every company is purchasing an ERP solution to help with their operations. Along with that, they also acknowledge the importance of a CRM solution and thus, purchase a CRM solution without having any second thoughts. An Enterprise Resource Planning System is a business management software that is used to collect and manage data that comprises of various organizational activities. A Customer Relationship Management system manages the company’s interaction with its clients, which involves organizing and automating various functionalities like sales, marketing, technical and customer care support. One cannot overlook the benefits of each of these solutions, but there is a negative to purchasing the two separately. Having both of them will duplicate every data entry, as a result of which there can be wastage of effort and there can be a lot of confusion too. What more, buying both the solutions means spending money twice. Instead of purchasing an ERP system and CRM solution as two stand alone products, the ideal solution is to integrate the two. SAP B1 partners in India believe that the integration of ERP and CRM solution will enable smooth and seamless travel of data through various departments of the company. If you still aren’t convinced, then we present three reasons why you should opt for the integration of ERP and CRM solutions.

– High Return on Investment

When you are investing any amount of money, large or small, the priority is that you get rapid and high return on the investment. When you integrate both the solutions, you are actually spending on one entity rather than two. In the past, there were instances where the integration wasn’t smooth. But with the development in the technology, now you will find both the systems are built to work in perfect sync with other. There are a lot of SAP B1 partners that will help you in integrating the two solutions in less effort as compared to the past. They also ensure that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. You put in the price for one solution, but reap the benefits of two. Thus, be assured high and rapids returns on low investments.

– Better understanding of customer needs and visibility into your own functionalities

Both the solutions offer different services. When you integrate the two, you can get a glimpse of various facets of the organization that would be benefited by this action. It eliminates various problem areas along with some of the shortcomings that were a part of each of the solution. Imagine this, you can analyze your customers’ buying preferences with the help of your CRM system. And through your integrated ERP system you can look into their payment history. This not only makes the process quick with the elimination of many steps in between, but it also offers various insights into your customer base. SAP B1 partners in India say that this will allow you to target customers accordingly and help you plan effective marketing programs.

– Higher rate of efficiency and accuracy

It goes without saying that an integrated system will eliminate all the instances of data duplication. This automatically reduces the margin of errors caused due to the same which means, the accuracy is increased. This directly improves and increases the efficiency. And who would ever complain with high rates of efficiency and accuracy? Certainly you wouldn’t. The benefits of each of the two solutions are plentiful, but when combined they elevate the game altogether. For sure, you won’t regret the decision of integrating two of the best business solutions that are available in the market. Make the most out the result of the two. If you are still thinking if you should integrate your ERP and CRM solutions, if it isn’t made obvious till now, then let’s put the answer in simple words. The answer is a big yes, and go for it soon!

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