Uneecops Officially Certified Great Place to Work® 

  • 15 March 2024
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Heartbeats racing, emotions gushing, and smiles stretching wide.. wider.. 

Excitement in mind, pride in hearts.. the feeling is inexplainable…  

Because, Uneecops has achieved the prestigious Great Place to Work® (GPTW) India certification for 2024-2025. While our team has long known (and shown) this, official recognition is a thrill beyond words.  

And, it’s our first in our first attempt, so it’s more special (and so, excuse our extra cheesy zeal) 

Uneecops is Great Place to Work

Clearing the air on why GPTW® brings us global work culture recognition 

The Great Place to Work Institute defines a ‘great workplace’ as one where employees trust their leaders, take pride in their work, and enjoy the camaraderie of their colleagues.   

GPTW® evaluates companies based on their commitment to fair treatment. They assess how well companies create positive experiences for employees, irrespective of race, age, gender, or any other aspect of role or identity. 

On Uneecops’ Great Glory 

This is a massive milestone for Uneecops as it is our first participation in the Great Place to Work® India assessment. With 86% of our team members agreeing with our fantastic culture, we’re humbled by our journey and mindful of the ongoing work needed to maintain our ‘Great’ status. 

Why is Uneecops a Great Place to Work®?  

Sure, it’s our lively culture and welcoming environment. But it’s likely much more: 

  • It’s leadership that creates a fine balance of mentorship and innovation anatomy
  • It’s the flexibility we offer, empowering our team to harmonize their personal and professional lives seamlessly
  • It’s our roots as a Tech powerhouse, with unwavering commitment to Enterprise I.T. Modernization, offering software solutions such as ERP, Cloud, CRM and Analytics – recently culminating into our award – ‘APJ Partner of the Year, 2024‘ award – 7th consecutive time in a row – and the ‘Partner of the Year, India – 2024
  • It’s our innovative ethos and STAR values, being Success-driven, Transparency, Adaptability and Responsibility

The reasons could be more.  In our team members’ candid words,  

Prasant Agarwal, Head of Marketing: Democratic Leadership that our leader Ketan Jain enables so well. 

Mahesh M L Soni, Director at Uneecops Technologies Ltd.: Time we again cherish and applaud every professional @Uneecops. It’s this rigour in the conduct of every professional at Uneecops which sets us to be The “Great Place To Work®”. With Strong Leadership & Clear Communication, Employee Recognition & Appreciation, Work-Life Balance with Career Pathing, Inclusive Culture with Social Responsibility, Professional Development & Wellness Programs, Collaborative Environment with Flexible Benefits, Trust and Autonomy with Continuous Feedback, Comfortable Workspace & Celebrating Success ideology it’s time to reflect as we set ourselves for the Next. Good Luck to all at Uneecops Family! 

Pushpa Unyauni, Senior Manager – Human Resources: Proud to be part of the Uneecops family, now officially recognized as a Great Place to Work® This achievement reflects our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive workplace where every team member matters. Big thanks to our amazing team for making Uneecops a fantastic place to work! 

Shruti S., Assistant Manager- Human Resources: We share our similarities and celebrate our differences making #Uneecops an inclusive workplace! Congratulations to everyone for their outstanding contributions for this exceptional achievement. 

Abhishek Gupta, Associate Director BI Practice: Great achievement for the Great Place .. Congratulations to entire Uneecops Family. 

Mani Sajnani, Sales Consultant – SAP S/4HANA: We’re proud to have earned Great Place to Work Certification™. Our company culture is our top priority! Every achievement is based on team spirit & team work, Congrats to the entire Uneecops team. 

As our employees celebrate, we’d like to leave them a special mention note 

You’re great, our Uneecops fam!  

Thanks to all the awesomeness, Uneecops has officially been certified as a Great Place to Work® 2024-25. 

This calls for a huge round of applause because, let’s face it, you’re the rockstars of our workplaces.  

A massive shoutout to each one of you for being the secret sauce in our Uneecops stew. 

We mean, We are a Great Place to Work®, 


Thank you all for being an integral part of our team and making Uneecops more than a workplace. 

We are a family committed to working for the better, striving to achieve personal and 

professional success. After all, when you enjoy work, it shows! 

We collaborate, innovate, learn, and thrive together. 

Our Great Secret .. 

We go beyond compensation, valuing the unique perspectives and ideas our employees bring. At Uneecops, commit to letting employees be themselves, fostering open conversations and authenticity. By fostering an inclusive culture where everyone feels respected and heard, we’ve created a community where people choose to stay and thrive. 

To learn more about our story, dive deeper and if you’re motivated to join us, visit our Careers page here. 

P.S. Before you go, hip hip hooray with us and raise a toast to celebrate! 

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