Why Business Intelligence software is a top priority for manufacturers?

  • 28 November 2019
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priority for manufacturers

The manufacturing industry has always been one of the most challenging and demanding industries with many critical functions: human resources, production, labor management, logistics and so much more. When so many strings are attached to it, large quantum of data is created and often stays in silos. In this scenario, all manufacturers whether aerospace and defence, chemical, automotive, paint, or industrial machinery can benefit from it. Business Intelligence empowers all manufacturers to gain decisive results in minutes as compared to long hours or days. 

The Role of BI in Manufacturing 

Whether your goal is to improve your business operations, take fast and profitable decisions, keep the production cost low, maintain product quality at lower costs, mitigate supplier, compliance and cost risks, data is critical. It gives you operational insights as to-

  • Which products are contributing to the most orders 
  • Quickly drill into pending orders
  • Analyze production units for each key product shipped to customers.
  • Analyze the annual performance of sales, output, and units produced.
  • Gain 360 view of how your business operates on a micro and macro level 
  • Foster agile supply chain to quickly respond to market conditions and ensure inventory never go out of stock or is understocked. 
  • Comply with rules and regulations 

With greater visibility into your data, you can foster great customer relationships and turn real-time data into in-time insights. Precisely, leading manufacturers around the globe are relying on Tableau software to transform raw data into something useful and action-ready.

Many of the manufacturers and business owners are using Tableau software for one or other reasons.

Inventory Management & Analysis
End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Production & Quality Visibility
Sales & Marketing Analysis Demand Forecasting Procurement Analysis

Tableau helps everyone to solve the most challenging hurdles prevailing in the manufacturing space. It uncovers deep insights and helps business owners gain a clear picture of their operations, asset availability, optimize production schedules and render drill-down capabilities to make data-driven decisions.

The manufacturing industry is adopting business intelligence software to gain detailed metrics from machine utilization to market potential analysis to sales analysis. With Tableau and Power BI tools, it is easy for manufacturers and decision-makers to understand their production cycle and know the root cause of their undue wastage and expenses.  

Let’s Talk  
So, if you are on a journey of digitizing your manufacturing business, Uneecops is your Tableau partner of choice. We will take you through a demo about how business intelligence software like Power BI and Tableau can be the best fit for your business. Clients like Jamna Auto Industries Ltd., BSES Yamuna Power Ltd, Metalman Auto Pvt Ltd Corporate are a few of our clients in manufacturing space that are using the Tableau BI software. 

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