5 Parameters to Building Data Culture – Foundation to Data-driven Decision Making

  • 08 February 2021
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Building Data Culture

As businesses are undergoing a digital transformation, we are witnessing every small detail of customers’ lives being tracked, recorded, and leveraged as data points to make insights-based decisions. This cascade of data is growing rapidly, creating more opportunities for organizations to improvise and innovate new products to better serve their customers. Organizations that capitalize on insights are able to turn these opportunities into concrete business strategies and viabilities. 

Relying on data for mission-critical decisions and other business activities adds incredible potential to an organization for generating long term value for itself and its customers while gaining a competitive edge over its competitors. This practice of building an enterprise-wide data culture makes an organization ‘data-driven’. 

Data-driven Organization

But are all Organizations that use Data are Data-Driven?

Building a data-driven organization is all about replacing gut feeling with data-driven decisions using facts, metrics, analytics models, etc. to achieve business goals. But, merely having data doesn’t make you a data-driven organization. It is rather a culture that involves infusing data into an organization while analyzing scenarios, making decisions, and executing everyday activities.

A data-driven organization works on a sole motive to develop this cultural framework that encourages all employees, to actively utilize the potential of data in their daily tasks and enhance the company’s growth initiatives. This encompasses analyzing data-driven use cases, observing sales patterns, finding out analytics solutions, and coming up with new ideas to see what really works for the company. 

When people in a company recognize the significance of data as an asset and practice data-analyzing skills in every business function to make powerful decisions, they actually contribute towards making their company a truly data-driven organization. 

Data-driven Decision Making

Are you also working on building a digital strategy entirely founded on data? The 5 Key practices mentioned below can make a promising impact on your efforts, take a look.

Become More Data-Driven with 5 Effective Data Points

The foundations to building a data-driven culture are data access, governance and usage of data in a secure environment, operational knowledge on carrying out data analysis, and the right technology to create and analyze the data report. Certainly, these core capabilities can’t be achieved overnight, but religiously practicing the following steps can help you reach your goal:

  • Design a Passionate Approach to Data Mining

The very first step towards building a data-driven organization is about making data-driven operations, a norm in the organization. This culture should encourage critical thinking and build curiosity and passion in people to dig data and glean insights from it. People at every level should start conversations that include data-driven business strategy, facts, figures, and analysis to make the right moves in their regular functions. The more keenness of people at the business for establishing a data culture, the more outcome-based will be the future of the organization. 

  • Smoothen the Access to Data Literatures

The companies need to enable data democratization across the entire organization to fully leverage the benefits of being a data-driven organization. Leaders need to ensure that data is accessible to all employees with speed, ease, and accuracy. Also, the cost involved in data sharing must be reasonable and the process should be carried out in a secure environment. A strategic data governance structure by organizations can render greater access to their employees anytime they need it. 

  • Encourage Data Literacy

Data literacy is the capability to read and understand business insights and utilize the same for data-driven decision making. Businesses need to encourage data literacy in their organizations to succeed in this digital era. Employees should be well aware of every data aspect and the impact it can create if used in the right way.

  • Automate Distillation of Data

A data-driven culture is not a single day process, businesses need to practice it every day to leverage the ultimate benefits. This clearly indicates traditional approaches to manual reporting won’t support your dream of being a data founded organization. Thus, you need automated distillation for optimizing data that can help you execute transactions, reinvent strategies, seize competitive opportunities, and make mission-critical decisions with greater efficiency and speed.

  • Establish Data-driven Cultural Change

Building a data culture involves more than tools and technology. It requires a complete transformation in the mindset of employees and leaders towards the importance of data and its usage. Enabling data culture across the organization determines the extent to which data is accessed, used, and positioned among the company’s assets to make an impact in the market. 

Are you also planning to adopt the Trending Data-Driven Culture League? 

Transforming a business to an advanced data-driven organization is no easy task, but incorporating accurate data analysis in daily functions can foster decision-making while rendering a leading edge to the company in the market. This impactful transformation requires a dedicated approach towards building a data analysis model. Thanks to new-gen data-analytics technology like Tableau that quickly turns complex business information into meaningful reports deriving insights from data in form of interesting visualizations making it easier for people to realize the true potential of data.

We at Uneecops, help you define your data-based objectives and encourage you to become more data-driven with our expert data analytics solution and experienced experts to guide you throughout your transformation journey. 

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