How business intelligence software brings higher business value for SMBs?

  • 29 April 2020
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When your business is small or growing at a slow pace, you can manage the complexities of business with a mix of disparate software and spreadsheets. You can also collaborate over email to manage the communication between interdepartmental and focus on growing your business and serving your customers. But, when you are progressing rapidly and embarking on a new venture, it stands next to impossible to manage it all with legacy software or spreadsheets. As the business grows in size and spreads its wings, it also brings a slew of challenges to meet and opportunities to be leveraged at the right time. There is a continuous need of your business to illuminate your team with trustworthy analysis as to what’s working and what strategy isn’t. You also need to monitor where the opportunities are and grow your core competencies.

So, the question is how data-driven is your organization and why should you invest in a modern BI solution? Small and midsize businesses that want to drive their business forward obtain higher business value from business intelligence software. Here are some reasons why an SMB should be upgrading to a modern BI solution.

Accurate, real time analytics

If you are using an outgrown BI system and spreadsheets, it may be the time to check their limitations. Watch their signs of limitations such as: 

  • Your finance team faces a consistent bottleneck of performing audit, risk, and compliance analytics.
  • Your BI software is inflexible to analyze data on the fly. 
  • Majority of your time is killed in formatting spreadsheets  
  • Business leaders have to wait for days to perform their analysis based on reports received.
  • Consistent hurdle in analyzing large volumes of data and the likelihood of inaccuracy and fallacies in reports generated  
  • Fail to answer the most curious business leader’s questions  

To break free from manual processes and legacy software, companies must be data-driven and use enterprise-ready business analytics software to make a big difference in driving their business forward. Employees tasked with making complex decisions in areas such as procurement, planning, pricing, sales should have Tableau software to support them in their business endeavor. There are unrealized opportunities and business risks that need to be explored timely, and competitors that have real-time data to forecast better have the edge over their peers.  

There are more compelling benefits of using advanced BI software such as Tableau.   

Jumpstart your analysis on the day one

In just a few clicks, you can better understand the positioning of your business, and scope for improvement. You can easily interact with your dashboard without any complexity and monitor the funnel of sales, dive deep into the matter and know about quarterly or monthly sales results, top accounts on any given day.

Analyze data on the fly  

Legacy BI software do not support mobile functionalities or even they do they are not responsive. Tableau can help all business leaders to focus on timely and insightful analysis with mobile BI. When you can analyze data in real time, you can be updated all time. You can monitor inventory levels, avoid out of stock situation, see performance indicators, evaluate marketing effectiveness, and draw conclusion faster rather than being engaged in formatting spreadsheets and deriving insights from BI tool. Tableau mobile dashboards make it all easier.

Deployed on cloud

Skip the hassle of setup time and hardware cost with Tableau. Get up and running in minutes and seamlessly add users as your business needs evolve. There are no upfront costs, hardware procurement, and the software can be implemented quickly, scaled seamlessly and can be accessed by everyone anywhere and anytime. 

Instant discussion for fast decision making

Getting from problem to analysis to fast decision making is imperative in today’s fast-paced business. Tableau enables all level managers to quickly identify and interact with dashboards anytime and anywhere. Further, with pandemic-related issues going on, there requires a need of BI software that supports instant discussion for meeting and where decisions are based on facts and figures, not dependent on meetings or obsolete data or email threads. 

Future is here for progressive organizations that are ready to upgrade to the digitally advanced system such as BI software and invest in their future. 

Are you ready to leverage the benefits that Tableau provides? We are Tableau Bronze partner with 50+data scientists enabling all leading organizations to lead the era with advanced analytics.

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