Why Today’s Uncertain Time Increase Cloud ERP Adoption?

  • 01 May 2020
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Cloud ERP Adoption

As the world economy is going through the tough time to stop the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and taking all possible measures to heal from this novel Coronavirus, many businesses are finding ways towards future recovery and narrowing down the funnel of disruption. They are mapping new routes to success and making the right choices to step in the cloud bandwagon. The current lockdown situation and prevailing time reinforce the case for businesses to move to ERP cloud for a couple of reasons.  

An unstable economy calls for a robust technology stack 

Such an unpredictable and uncertain world requires the support of a dynamic solution to chart a course forward. However, this does not mean that SMEs should make a substantial investment and wait for years or months to get the software running.  

Let’s find out how Cloud ERP is the best during this lockdown. 

Supports Remote Work

Is all or some of your team working from home? This uprising trend of employees working from home has certainly become common during this lockdown. The social distancing norms have placed many businesses to put their employees on remote work. But, how do you ensure your employees are getting the right information they need to put things right? Can your employees access systems outside your company’s premises? How well they can access information from their mobile devices? In this scenario, many of you will also discover the vulnerabilities in your current software or excel sheets. 

SAP Business One ERP can help you and your employees gain access information faster, no matter where you are. You can use any device without any performance glitch and stay updated on all facts and figures to make actionable decisions. If you are in the sales department, you can know the status of your customers’ orders, view their records, or assign a lead to your sales personnel. Further, a finance lead can automate their financial transactions, know the current status of their liquidity, and perform various reconciliation and banking transactions in an ERP. Likewise, a business user can check inventory levels, know the expiration date of certain products, or perform various useful tasks with Cloud ERP. 

Although, on-premise ERP can also provide you with the information you need immediately with a VPN. But, many companies have acknowledged VPN has some limitations which may obstruct work.  

This problem is completely solved with a robust business solution such as Cloud ERP. Above all, your IT team will thank you for it. There is a higher probability that companies will gain a sigh of relief after investing in Cloud ERP and learning that cloud software has made social distancing possible and making work from home much easier. 

Cost efficiency- OPEX over CAPEX

There are many benefits of operating an ERP in the cloud as compared to an on-premise model. First, an on-premise model usually requires setting up and investing in the licenses and infrastructure. Licenses in on-premise need a considerable amount of investment especially in the initial stages of software implementation. 

Cloud software, in contrast, reduces the need for setting and managing the infrastructure by own. It allows you to bifurcate the expenses over a long period of time. Subscription payments and constant upgrades make it an ideal choice for organizations to save their cost in abundance. But, to reap all the benefits that a Cloud ERP provides, it is vital to engage in the right Cloud ERP partner like Uneecops.  

Those who innovate faster will speed the recovery curve 

It seems certain that we are in a mid of crisis for a long time. But, every downside has a way to recovery. The most viable question is, who will navigate the path of storm smartly and take advantage of a big win and earlier? With cloud ERP benefits such as scalability, pay as you go model, anytime anywhere accessibility, disaster recovery model, cost competitiveness, it stands to reasons to invest in this enterprise-ready ERP.  

The Coronavirus Pandemic will shift the focus of businesses to operational efficiency, to go with pay per usage model, and enabling the team to access and work from their home without performance bottlenecks. Working remotely is the need of the hour to stay safe in the outrage of Covid-19. The real benefit of investing in Cloud is that it fits well with the way we live and work, whether we are in crisis or not. In a current business scenario, many organizations even large enterprises are struggling to keep pace with the times of uncertainty. How the choices you made now affect your ability to move your business forward. So, be on the path of intelligence, agility, speed, accessibility with Cloud ERP. 

Let Uneecops be your partner of choice as a Cloud ERP partner.

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