How Tableau manages it all in the manufacturing sector?

  • 12 August 2020
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Tableau in manufacturing

We’ve all seen it coming: disruptions everywhere, from Covid-19 pandemic to trade policies, taxation, and supply chain fluctuations. The ground beneath us began to shake. How will the manufacturing community adjust to deal with the new reality of working in a new normal? How will manufacturing space stay relevant in this tough time? How will manufacturing firms lead in the new era? How best can they understand their production cycle, dispatch cycle and so much more? This all sums up for the need of investing in a smart BI tool that can help with the key metrics from production centers, sales teams to factory output.  

Business intelligence software such as Tableau is no longer just a “nice to have”; it’s a “must-have” that sets enterprises apart from the competition. The smart technology is helping all leading manufacturing firms to reimagine their business functions.  

Let’s see how Tableau empowers manufacturing companies.

Production and Dispatch Analysis 

Easily monitor your manufacturing operations with detailed reporting and dashboards of key metrics from Yesterday, Today and MTD summary. Review production summary and examine MOM production with SLA benchmark based on category and subcategory. Analyze production unit and filter by dispatch summary with SLA Benchmark. Tableau also empowers all manufacturing leaders to view their shift wise production in all branches and know hourly bifurcation of selected shifts. 

Operating Profit and Loss

Drill down into the current production lines with current orders. Filter month-wise quantity ordered vs projected vs rejected simply with smart BI software. Review which products are contributing the most orders and contributing to major profit and loss. Understand your production cycle and slice every detail of profit and loss and operating P&L and total cost contribution with the Tableau software. 

Examine customer buying pattern 

Who are your most loyal customers? What are their buying patterns and how much they spend and willing to invest in different products? Those are the relevant questions you can ask from BI software. You can look and drill down sales by area, state, region, segment, grade, and months on the go. You can hover over data and examine details with just a few clicks. With dashboards, everyone in your organization is on the same page and can make more informed decisions.

Quality Analysis 

Understand the vital metrics behind quality management. Know the exact cause of time series bound overall rejection and MOM rejection. Evaluate the reason for Lot rejection and part wise rejection. Know rejection percentwise and quantity (part wise 80-20 ratio.) Examine Pareto reason shop by distributor or retailer or direct with reason.

Budget vs Actual Volume Analysis

Analyze Month-To-Date (MTD) and Year-To-Date (YTD) of budgeted cost vs actual one with the Tableau software. Evaluate unit produced by quantity produced against work orders, units actually shipped against sales order and make budgeted forecast easily with an advanced BI software. Make quarterly forecasts and know the reason behind the budget going overboard or so.  

The bottom line says Tableau helps manufacturers to focus their efforts in the right direction. It displays results in a matter of minutes and you can easily be wary about anything you wish to know. In just a few clicks, you can get a quick summary of the production downtime, analyze production and dispatch reports and so much more. 

Uneecops is a Bronze partner of Tableau that has gained an edge in deploying and providing end-to-end BI solutions in manufacturing space. 

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