How to Maximize Sales Possibilities with Tableau?

  • 30 October 2020
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Sales possibility

Like every other part of the modern business, sales teams need to harness data to maximize sales possibilities and answer the most important questions such as-

  • How to know what’s actually working and what’s falling behind?
  • How to do a sales forecast in an environment that’s constantly changing?
  • How to stop making stale decisions and get ahead of business? 
  • How to gain a complete view of the metrics that the sales team needs to do the planning and perform decision making? 

Tableau dashboards help depict a story that empowers the sales team to ask a series of questions. Spreadsheets and excel sheets can’t compete with data visualizations and intuitive dashboards. They can’t compete with the robust BI tool such as Tableau to perform analytical tasks, adjusting parameters, and filtering views. Instead of spending days to understand the relationships between data, rows and columns, now it is easier to focus on closing the deals more and accelerated decision making. When every sales team has access to data insights, it becomes easier to create a meaningful impact. 

Self-service analytics mandate for the sales team 

Self-service BI tool such as Tableau empowers sales team to continually ask and answer self. Gone are the days when you have to rely on IT team for keen insights. Armed with self-service BI software, the sales team can view pipeline review meetings, better identify new sales targets and potential areas to concentrate on. 

Let’s talk about a few benefits of Tableau for the sales team.

Predict future trends 

Now it is easy to examine seasonal trends, predict future trends, and plan smartly. You can also probe reasons for slow quarters, high peak performance sales-wise, summer slowdown, and sales explosions yearly wise. Tableau software makes it all easier to conduct an in-depth assessment. 

Profitability analysis 

“How is my business doing?” It’s a question we need to examine here and now. It seems simple but, answering it the right way is a complex process. Tableau software is designed to answer the questions by identifying the areas which are performing best and under-performing. The software helps highlight problem areas and show sales and profit by segment, and branch wise. The BI tool provides enough details to act wisely and take action to address any unprofitable area.

Drill down to specific business questions 

Now it is easy to view the metrics as Vs Prior or Vs Target, select your time periods and use the various drills down to get your questions answered. Know which products, stores or customers or salespeople are performing best. Spot opportunities in real-time and make data-driven decisions.  

Forecast Sales Performance

Gain a holistic view of your business, opportunities, and rest your analysis on facts and figures to prevent unwanted surprises. This BI tool empowers sales leaders to do sales forecasting and monitor the health and status of the sales pipeline. With a 360 view of your sales pipeline, reach your desired goals. 

View YOY comparisons 

Quickly filter your sales data by branch, region wise and view year on year comparison. It helps sales leaders to identify patterns or trends and set realistic targets. Enable the sales team to achieve a high customer satisfaction rate by avoiding any missteps in the customer relationship. Gain a 360 view of details and filter details as how much revenue has been generated from an existing account.  

These are just some of the limitless ways you can use the smart Tableau software to optimize your sales operation, monitor sales growth with metrics, and build a resilient sales team. With Tableau, give your sales teams and divisions the tool they need to make ad-hoc analysis and make critical decisions.

Let Uneecops be your partner of choice to augment the possibilities of sales with Tableau.

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