How Uneecops Google Assistant add-on benefits decision-makers?

  • 04 November 2020
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Google Assistant integration with SAP Business One

I remember the days during my childhood, yearning for some magical power as I used to listen to fairy tales of princesses and superheroes. There was no dearth for imagination. Little did I know that I’ve got to see those magical things coming to life with advanced technology. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are some of these.

These technologies are changing the way we interact with others and consuming information. Now as a stakeholder or business owner, we wear several hats to manage everything successfully. There would be the time you need information just at the moment. You feel the time crunch to login to any software and ask for the details. 

Here’s our Google Assistant add-on for you. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had no need to login to the SAP Business One or run it on your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Instead, while sipping a cup of coffee, you can ask –

Q- What was yesterday’s total sales?

➡️Uneecops Google Assistant add-ons respond by providing yesterday’s total sales figure

Q- OK! Give me the exact status of inventory lying in my warehouse?

➡️The smart add-ons respond with the details and answer your questions in a jiffy. 

Q- OK! Showcase pending orders for certain clients

➡️The add-on responds to you with exact information 

With just a single click, you can ask the details about your top 5 customers, know the current value of the stock, open order value, pending payment status, know which branch is performing the best and so much more. 

Our intelligent and smart Google assistant provides simplicity and speed in accessing vital information in a fast-moving world. Gone are the days when you have to wait for days to get details of your stock, pending orders, sales figures or so. With SAP Business One already simplifying the life of business users, it is fascinating to know about this smart genie. 

Keep yourself at ease as this add-on is a huge time saver for seemingly mundane tasks. The saved time could be further channelized into far more productive activities.  Uneecops’ Google Assistant add-on displays accurate results with no delays. It’s that awesome. Whether you are attending an urgent meeting, unwinding or driving, have the right information at the moment you want. Time is critical and we know it. With the latest invention by Uneecops, everything seems possible. 

Want to explore this add-on? 

Inquisitive as how this add-on can be a useful asset to your business? How it can make your life easier and acts as the best travel companion?  Our SAP-certified team can show you how this add-on is benefitting all C-suite professionals.     

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