Things to Keep in Mind when Transitioning to Cloud

  • 03 March 2015
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It seems like the cloud is the answer to every possible question that is related to technology, organization and software issues. Any functionality that proves to be beneficial to the organizations can be easily moved into cloud, thus offering higher mobility and flexibility. These two have proven to be the most crucial factors in the current business scenario. If the employees cannot exercise mobility or flexibility in their schedules, then there will be loads of missed opportunities. Which company would want that? So, everybody is rushing frantically to cloud to exercise the innumerable benefits that come with the cloud. Then why is it that some companies experience a choppy road during the transition?

The answer lies in the collaboration with the cloud partners. The best SAP Business One partners in India emphasis on having and maintaining strong partnerships with their clients. One bad cloud partnership can result in disastrous results and then the whole idea of cloud may seem like a bad dream. So what can you do to avoid that situation? Read on to find out.

Keep the Transition Smooth

The transition to cloud can be quite daunting and overwhelming, considering the number of functionalities and departments that need to be moved to cloud. However, keeping a few pointers in mind can save effort and time with SAP Business One. Plenty of problems can trickle down just by the building a healthy cloud partnership. You can approach this issue in the following manner.

–          Short-listing the options and choosing the partner that is right for you

Always keep in mind that what works for one company may not work in the same manner for you. The same applies for partnerships too. If you see one company growing by leaps and bounds with the help of their cloud partners, it may not be true for you as you may not partner well with them. There are several cloud partnerships such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted services etc. If you opt for either of those services just because ‘everyone seems to be going for it’ rather than focusing on your immediate requirements, expect a downfall from the beginning itself. Start shortlisting all the SAP Business One partners that you deem to be fit for you. Once that list is ready, you might find two or more partners with whom you think would be perfect for you. Hereon, you will have to focus on the personalities of the partners. Since they all offer exactly what you need, it would be better to work with those with whom you can relate better. You do not want any kind of stress during and after the implementation. So, take your time and choose the cloud partners who would fulfill your requirements while complementing your company needs at the same time.

–          Accounting for all the unexpected and miscellaneous costs

Cloud is a very cost effective solution which is exactly why most companies are switching to it. However, it can prove be a costly affair if the unexpected costs are not accounted for. Discuss the same with your partners and understand the exact costs that would be involved. Don’t let monetary issues be a reason of a sour relation which otherwise would have been perfect. Look at all the costs that involved with scaling of projects and processes in the future, the customization costs and costs related to data integration and problem resolutions. Consider the fees charged by the cloud partners too. Go for those whose package suits you the best.

–          Keeping open and clear communication channels at all times

The best SAP Business One Partners in India never get tired of emphasizing this point again and again. If the selected cloud partners do not communicate well during the initial stages, it would be wise to switch to someone else. Check if they give you the right information, if they are open to discussing your concerns clearly and if they respond to your queries in a timely manner.

So now that you have found your cloud soul-mate, the next thing you need to do is start writing your organizational fairy tale. Cloud can bring you more benefits and advantages than you can even fathom. So, don’t be one of those who had a bitter cloud transitioning experience due to blotchy partnerships.

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