Top 10 SAP Case Studies That Will Inspire You to Follow Your Digital Transformation Dreams 

  • 07 May 2024
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It takes months of toil, to and fro, meetings, advisory sessions, testing, fine-tuning and a lot more before a go-live happens – all this is fueled by precision, teamwork, and a sprinkle of our Uneecops’ magic. Every dashboard, every support and user adoption training call, all culminate in a seamless launch. Plus, it is the countless cups of coffee that make it happen! 

In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, success stories inspire and motivate us to push boundaries and strive for excellence. Uneecops, India’s #1 SAP Platinum Partner, unveils a series of SAP case studies from 2024 that showcase remarkable transformations, inspiring businesses to dream big and embrace change. 

Making Lahori Zeera Digitally Zingy: Journey to SAP ERP 

Lahori Zeera, India’s fast-growing beverage brand produces a remarkable 2.5 million bottles of tangy goodness each day, with supply in 8 states and over 8000+ sale points. With their scale of operations, tracking finances and outcomes needed advanced automation. SAP ERP offered real-time visibility into monetary transactions, ensuring precise and up-to-date analysis of funds. Additionally, Uneecops significantly enhanced integrating its payment systems with its SAP add-ons. Daily payments could now be efficiently tagged, improving tracking and reconciliation.   

These improvements in financial management and forecast-based decision-making were pivotal in enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to Lahori Zeera’s growth and success. 

Hear from Lahori Zeera’s leadership how Uneecops added tech tang to the zingy beverage brand:

Fixing Fix Derma’s Digital + Derma Challenges: Uneecops’ SAP Customer Success Story  

Fixderma cosmeceutical company, founded in 2006, is a prominent manufacturer & supplier of ingenious skincare and hair care products in India. As the firm boasts a vast product line, managing all verticals needed automation. SAP Business One helped them simplify operations by integrating various business processes such as inventory management, sales, and financials. This integration improved efficiency and lessened errors. Uneecops + SAP Business One enabled the company to manage its inventory better, ensuring they have the right products in stock at the right time. This reduced stockouts and improved customer happiness. 

Making Headlines for Inshorts’ SAP Business One Go-live! 

Inshorts, the 60-word news app with more than 10 million users (about half the population of New York), used SAP Business One to streamline its internal functions, including content management, advertisement, and user engagement. With adequate organization and efficiency, Inshorts can oversee its resources more efficiently, including staff, content, and advertising inventory. This can lead to cost savings and better overall performance. 

Explore their IT modernization journey with Abhishek Bakshi, GM, Finance:

Sharika Life Science Limited’s SAP Success Story with Uneecops: A Dose of Tech Transformation 

Sharika Life Science Limited, a leading name in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, synergized operations in compliance with the recent government GMP pharma mandates. SAP’s GMP and quality control modules helped Sharika Life Science Limited ensure all manufacturing processes and quality control measures met the required prerequisites.  

With SAP Business One, Sharika Life Science Limited can efficiently track and trace batches of their products throughout the supply chain. This is essential for maintaining product quality, recognizing and addressing any problems that may arise, and complying with regulatory necessities.  

Also, SAP Business One’s inventory management abilities helped Sharika Life Science Limited optimize its inventory levels, downsize wastage, and ensure that it always has the right number of raw materials and finished products on hand. 

Watch their incredible journey of excellence and efficiency:

Weaving Raj Group’s Operations Together with SAP ERP: Curating SAP Customer Tale 

Raj Group, a global powerhouse, delivers comprehensive floor covering solutions that span carpets, durries, rugs, bath rugs, pillows, poufs, wall hangings, storage baskets, and floor cushions.  

To sidestep the growing pains of supply chain management, technological intervention was required. That’s how they went from homegrown ERP to SAP ERP. Just as their adept workforce operates as one tight-knit family, SAP seamlessly weaves into the fabric of their organization, improving efficiency and paving the way for even greater international success. The system greatly assisted in planning production schedules based on demand projections, ensuring optimal resource utilization and timely delivery of rugs. The system also optimized the entire supply chain process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, enhancing efficiency and reducing lead times. 

Explore how Uneecops redefined the boundaries of innovation and quality for Raj Group:

Fueling Success for Leading Oil Company BP Oil Mills with SAP ERP 

BP Oil Mills, a titan in the edible oil industry with over a century of history, underwent a complete restructuring of its operations by implementing SAP ERP. Confronted with supply chain management and sales challenges, the enterprise recognized that its existing homegrown ERP software needed to be improved. SAP’s expertise and specialization in ERP systems firmed the decision to switch to SAP ERP. The implementation of SAP ERP enabled BP Oil Mills to centralize and organize their previously fragmented processes. With Uneecops as their partner, they successfully retrieved command of their operations and outperformed competitors. Join us on this journey towards industry leadership.   

Hear from the customer on their SAP tale:

Vital Capital Environment #WinningwithSAPBusinessOne: A SAP Case Study 

Vital Capital Environment’s management emphasized transparency within their system from the early phases. This pledge to transparency was a foundational principle and a strategic move to enable next-level advancements in business development, particularly with integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. By implementing SAP Business One, Vital Capital Environment accomplished easy integration across its operations, all while consolidating its data into a single, accessible database. This integration and data consolidation streamlined their processes and paved the way for future growth and innovation. Vital Capital Environment’s success narrative with SAP Business One spotlights the transformative power of a unified, transparent system in driving business excellence and innovation. 

Watch to find out more:

Fastening Usha Fasteners Transformation: SAP Business One Case Study 

Usha Fasteners is the leading manufacturer, trader and service provider of Fasteners, Hand Tools, and Workshop Equipment. As a high-potential family-based company, the leadership realized the importance of post COVID-19 automation for global expansion and complete transformation. With SAP Business One, all departments at Usha Fasteners underwent a transformation change. Remote work was possible as systems were integrated and process improvements happened. SAP modules like finance, accounting, and inventory management helped the company track and manage inventory levels, linking them to vendor and customer finance transactions.  

Hear from the Managing Director:

‘Tech Engineer’ for Accupack Engineering 

SAP Business One was pivotal in modernizing Accupack Engineering Private Limited, Asia’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions company. The implementation of SAP Business One enabled Accupack Engineering to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall business performance. With SAP Business One, Accupack Engineering gained real-time insights into its processes, improved inventory management, and optimized its supply chain. Additionally, the system’s scalability and flexibility ensured that Accupack Engineering could adjust to varying market demands and continue to innovate in the pharma manufacturing sector.   

Watch this video to hear about their experience:

Uneecops Engineers System Integration for Acro Engineering: SAP Business One Implementation Case Study 

Uneecops built a L.I.V.E. enterprise for Acro Engineering with SAP ERP solution portfolio. The early start up company’s leadership knew – adopting technology early on is better to lay the right foundation. The gaming and high-tech company gained insights into business performance with customizable reports for better decision-making. The leadership and stakeholders could access SAP Business One features and data on the go with mobile applications, allowing for real-time information and decision-making. 

Hear from their CEO, Himanshu Jain about their SAP ERP journey and success story:

Grand Venice Mall Simplies Mall Management and Creates Joyful Shopping Experiences 

The Grand Venice Mall by DS Group is strategically situated at the intersection of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and the Trans Yamuna Expressway in the National Capital Region. Spanning 1.3 million sqft, this destination mall revolutionized process automation with SAP mall management.

The company now uses SAP Business One to manage leasing, streamline operations precisely, boost efficiency, and elevate every buyer’s delight.

Listen how Grand Venice Mall simplifies Mall Management and Creates Joyful Shopping Experiences:

UMSL’s Success Story of Structuring their Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company with SAP Business One Infra: ERP Case Study

UMSL is among India’s leading EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies and committed to creating a niche in the Infrastructure Sector. The infra company built its success structure with SAP automation infra to automate processes and enhance ops efficiency. With 360° digital transformation, the company now aligns its on-field and management departments on one console.

Hear from their GM (PSPM) on their experience of moving from standalone software to lean operations using SAP Business One. 

Many SAP Case studies Culminating into Many Award-winning Glories 

Our SAP success stories underscore the power of SAP ERP solutions and the impact they can have on businesses across industries. They reinforce the importance of not just reimagining processes and embracing a culture of innovation, but also creating a ripple effect of transformational victories. As businesses bag automation capabilities, Uneecops also achieves.  

Thus, after 75+ successful SAP ERP go-lives in 2024, Uneecops achieved remarkable recognitions in the SAP ecosystem. SAP Platinum Partner Uneecops once again clinched the coveted ‘APJ Partner of the Year 2023’ award at the SAP Partner Summit 2024, Singapore. This marks an impressive seventh consecutive win for the company.  

Along with the history-etched achievement, Uneecops also secured the ‘Partner of the Year, India (2023)’ award, further amplifying its outstanding contributions to the SAP ecosystem. These accolades are a testament to Uneecops’ commitment to excellence and innovation, inspiring businesses worldwide to follow their digital transformation dreams. 

The secret that makes Uneecops deliver successful projects to win customer love… 

Our employees. Our stakeholders. Our quest to transform. Our passion for technology.  

We are able to carve our niche and write more and more SAP success stories because of our people and processes. And in 2024, it showed – as Uneecops achieved the prestigious Great Place to Work® (GPTW) India certification 2024-2025 in our first attempt. 

As we win big each passing year, what makes us most content when we see our client’s happiness as they ditch their excel sheets and switch to automation. The go-live celebrations and joy on our client’s faces are our drive to constantly and relentlessly bring future-proof change.  

Tomorrow is the future. Uneecops is committed to building true L.I.V.E. enterprises of tomorrow.   

Uneecops envisions 2025 and beyond as a tech balance – where business AI is seamlessly integrated, but with human ingenuity – where SAP, CRM, analytics, and cloud technologies converge to power businesses that are both successful and transformative.  

With a focus on innovation and a dedication to excellence, Uneecops is leading the way towards a future where possibilities are limitless, and success knows no bounds. Follow your digital transformation dreams with us! 

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